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iHerb is an American company for offering the world's best value for natural products through its online store serving customers worldwide since it was founded in 1996. The company is headquartered in Bengaluru, India with operating offices all over the world and warehouses in the United States in California, Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and one in South Korea. iHerb ships to over 150 different countries.

iHerb is one of the global leading brands that offer all health care products such as vitamins, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, healthy food, natural oils, skin and hair care products, and others with the highest quality guarantee for its users. With the company's continued interest in providing the best shopping experience for the users, it has become one of the most trusted brands, especially at the level of e-commerce.

Besides iHerb's ongoing offers, discounts, and deals, Yajny is exclusively offering the iHerb cashback service which gives you a percentage of your money back every time you shop from iHerb's online store through Yajny. The cash amount that you earn will be automatically added to your account's balance.

Because iHerb cares about your health and wants to encourage you to care more about your needs, the store made sure to continuously provide regular and seasonal offers, promotions, and discounts on its huge collection of products. One of these offers and benefits is the iHerb cashback service which grants customers a percentage of any amount of money they pay to shop online from iHerb through

More About iHerb:

iHerb has been the destination for natural and herbal products since its very beginning in 1996. Over the years, iHerb store has managed to become one of the most trusted health stores worldwide providing 100% natural and herbal products. Another thing that makes iHerb stand out, besides the fact of its impeccable quality, is its product variety and easy accessibility for all kinds of online customers.

iHerb provides its services from several distribution centers in the United States of America and Asia offering a variety of more than 30,000 natural products that are available to all of iHerb consumers. This wide base of products includes a wide range of product categories such as grocery, herbs and treatments, beauty care products, bathroom essentials, vitamins, supplements, and several more categories of healthcare products at surprisingly affordable prices. Through iHerb store, you have the opportunity to browse between top-selling brands like Mega Food, Garden of Life, LifeSeasons, Super Nutrition, and more.

Let us slip you a secret about the diverse qualities of iHerb in order for you to get the most value every time you shop. The store's prices can be as low as wholesalers, if not lower, but only when you take advantage of the extra discounts such as the 10% off on orders over $60, applying the iHerb promo code VALUE60 at checkout to get an extra 10% off your order, the on-sale products that come with super deals, and trial items for extra discounts on many of the popular brands.

Yajny and iHerb Partnership:

Yajny's partnership with iHerb aims to provide the best and most cost-effective shopping experience for both your healthcare and budget. That is why through this collaboration, you will get access to exclusive offers, discounts, and cashback deals such as the iHerb cashback service.

For an even easier healthcare shopping experience, you can browse through all of iHerb's various products on iHerb's website and fulfill all of your healthcare needs by just a few button clicks. The website is joyful and user-friendly, you will quickly find hundreds of options for whatever you are looking for. The website even lets customers search and find products in three ways, to shop by the kind of product, the brand, or the issue you want to get this product to help you with.

Enjoy the best deals and offers presented to you when you shop through Yajny. Get iHerb cashback and save 1% on your orders. shop now! Without further due, let us show you how exactly to use iHerb cashback service while shopping online.

Steps to Use iHerb Cashback:

  1. Go to to register first. You can do so using your email account on Gmail or you can use your current Facebook account.
  2. Logging in for the first time automatically grants you cash welcome bonus from Yajny and it will be added directly to your account. For further details about our welcoming gift, kindly visit the "Terms and Conditions" page.
  3. You can use the section "All Stores" to find "iHerb" or you can find it by searching using the store's name in the search bar.
  4. Inside the store's page, you will find the currently available cashback categories from which you can pick then click "Shop Now".
  5. Yajny will now use a specific link to direct you to iHerb's online store to start shopping. Make sure you keep using the same link in order for the iHerb cashback to work by Yajny tracking your purchases and calculating the cashback percentage you earn.
  6. When you reach iHerb's website, make sure your shopping cart is empty before shopping to ensure your cashback percentage is calculated accurately.
  7. You can start your shopping tour now as usual and fill your cart by clicking "Add to Cart", but first make sure that you shopping cart is empty and then start your shopping journey.
  8. When you are done, head to the shopping cart by clicking on it to finalize your order.
  9. Fill in all the needed details for the delivery and payment, then press confirm.
  10. The cashback percentage that you just earned from this purchase will be added to your Yajny's account when iHerb confirms you didn't cancel or refund the order. For further details about the iHerb cashback withdrawal, kindly visit the "Terms and Conditions" page on
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