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Amazon KSA

Amazon KSA Coupon Codes and Cashback Deals

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More about Amazon SA

The launch of Amazon.sa confirms the company's commitment to its customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia area and its desire to expand and grow in the region in the upcoming years. 

Since Souq.com become Amazon KSA, the company has been working extremely hard to provide its customers with a professional class-A service that caters to their every shopping need and aspiration. 

Amazon Saudi Arabia provides millions of local and international products that you can shop for through the Amazon KSA website and mobile application. The website offers you suitable and affordable prices, fast and on-time shipping services, as well as a variety of convenient and flexible financial payment methods.

You can now browse both the website and application of Amazon KSA in the Arabic language and perform shopping operations easier and more conveniently. The website and the application offer a flexible user-interface that can be accustomed to both your phone and personal computer.

The Amazon Saudi team is growing day after day in terms of professionalism and numbers, and everyone is working with enthusiasm and dedication to live up to the Amazon brand name and reach the highest possible levels of innovation while providing advanced services and products that meet the needs of the shoppers everywhere across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Amazon Saudi Arabia provides a huge variety of products that include modern and classic fashion, electronics, smartphones, computers and accessories, sports tools and clothing, beauty products, household items, home decorations, and several other important products to make sure that all your needs are definitely met through Amazon KSA. 

 Amazon KSA Cashback 

Amazon KSA offers several different types of promotional deals, offers, and services that provide customers with great financial benefits and perks. One, in particular, that seemed to help shoppers save up on their Amazon KSA shopping was the Amazon KSA cashback service which lets the user retrieve a sum of their money back after they check out from Amazon KSA. 

Yajny & Amazon KSA Partnership 

Yajny and Amazon Saudi Arabia have partnered up together to provide shoppers and Amazon KSA customers with one of the best shopping promotional solutions out there, the Amazon KSA cashback which is available to use exclusively through Yajny.com. 

How to use the Amazon SA Cashback?

The Amazon KSA cashback is a service provided by the online store for its shoppers as a result of the exclusive cooperation between the website and Yajny's platform. This feature allows you to retrieve a part of the money that you initially spent on the products you bought from the Amazon KSA store in the form of a cashback percentage. This percentage is controlled by the number of purchases you made or the amount of money you initially paid, meaning, the more you buy, the more cashback money you'll get back in your Yajny balance. 

Seeing how this service is the fruit of Amazon KSA's partnership with Yajny, it is only available to use on Yajny.com through the following steps:

How does the Amazon KSA cashback service work? 

  1. Register to Yajny with either your Facebook account or email account.
  2. When you log into Yajny.com for the first time, you will instantly receive a 5-dollars welcome bonus in your Yajny wallet where it will remain pending until you make your first online purchase through Yajny with a minimum value of 25$.
  3. Now head to the Amazon KSA store page on Yajny which you can find in the 'All Stores' section of the website or through the Yajny search bar.
  4. On the Amazon KSA page, you will see the currently available cashback category with an attached 'Shop Now' button, click on it to get to Amazon.sa and start shopping.
  5. To transfer you, Yajny uses a tracking page that enables Yajny to track your purchases and shopping actions so that it can calculate your cashback percentage accordingly.
  6. Note that this tracking link can NOT track your personal or private information, it only tracks the purchases you make to be able to calculate the cashback percentage you earned.
  7. Therefore, when you are transferred from Yajny to Amazon.sa, make sure not to close the page Yajny transferred you to in order not to lose your chance at earning the cashback money.
  8. You will also need to make sure that your Amazon KSA shopping cart is empty when you get transferred from Yajny to Amazon.sa so that your cashback percentage can be calculated accurately according to the new purchases you made through Yajny.com.
  9. Now you can start shopping by picking out all the items that you would like to purchase and adding them to your Amazon KSA shopping cart.
  10. When done, proceed to check out as usual to complete your purchase. And within two business days of your checkout, you are expected to find your deserved cashback money added to your Yajny balance.
  11. After 45 days, you will have the ability to transfer that money to your personal PayPal account so that you can withdraw it or do with it as you choose.

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Amazon KSA
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