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Up to 34.5%

AliExpress | Latest Coupon Codes and Cashback Deals

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Cashback Categories

Hot products

Up to 34.5% Cashback

Maximum amount of Cashback

Interior accessories

Up to 5.15% Cashback

Garden supplies

Up to 5.15% Cashback

Women's clothing

Up to 5.15% Cashback

Men's clothing

Up to 5.15% Cashback

Children's clothing

Up to 5.15% Cashback

Mobile phones accessories

Up to 5.15% Cashback

All Other Categories

Up to 4% Cashback

Mobile Phones

Up to 1.7% Cashback

Computer Peripherals

Up to 1.7% Cashback


Up to 1.7% Cashback


Up to 1.7% Cashback

Laptops & Notebooks

Up to 1.7% Cashback

Home Audio & Vdeo Equipment

Up to 1.7% Cashback

External Storage

Up to 1.7% Cashback

Internal Storage

Up to 1.7% Cashback

Hot products

Up to 1.5% Cashback

Minimum amount of Cashback

AliExpress Cashback

AliExpress offers its users a tempting collection of regular and seasonal offers and promotions for the most cost-effective shopping experience possible. These offers include AliExpress discounts and deals which provide consumers with an impressive price reduction on the best products offered on aliexpress.com. 

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More about AliExpress

AliExpress.com is a retail website and the company has another website for wholesale which is AliBaba.com and it contains products at cheaper prices but for those who want to order in very large quantities and not for personal use. Both sites provide AliPay as a payment portal for their products.

AliExpress works as a mediator between the seller and the buyer and is not an independent store offering its own products for sale. You can enjoy worldwide shipping from Ali Express, to enjoy unique advantages in accuracy and ease. It is considered to be one of the most important and prestigious eCommerce websites in the world. It stands out for being one of the few stores worldwide that provide consumers with everything they may need from essential big products to small everyday needs. 

The Most Popular AliExpress Products:

  1. Fashion and clothing which can be seen through the thousands of international and local fashion lines and trends available on the website.
  2. Electronics, AliExpress provides you with all your possible tech needs, like phones, TVs, computers, cameras, and even electronic spare parts.
  3. Home appliances.
  4. Rare and hard-to-find automotive spare parts.
  5. Cosmetics and accessories for both men and women.
  6. Home wear, furniture, and decorations.

That's not all that makes AliExpress a crowd's favorite worldwide, something else that makes AliExpress stand out is the regular offers and promotions available exclusively on the website giving customers some seriously tempting price reduction. That is in addition to external offers, such as AliExpress's Cashback deals which are available on Yajny. 

AliExpress & Yajny Partnership

The partnership between Yajny and Ali Express aims to provide the best shopping experience possible for customers through AliExpress offers and most of all, Ali Express Cashback which grant Yajny customers a cash balance back in their account wallet which can be used in later purchases. 

Yajny offers you- as an AliExpress's user- the most cost-effective shopping experience possible through providing you with its exclusive cashback service. It will let you earn back a part of the money you spent while shopping This option gives you access to the most affordable shopping spree out there. You can have your pick between the international brands and quality products available on AliExpress. All you have to do is make sure you use the offer presented from Yajny so you can get the cashback.

So enjoy AliExpress offers including AliExpress cashback to save Up to 34.5% on everything. Shop now with Yajny!

How to Use AliExpress Cashback?

Yajny provides its users and AliExpress customers with an exciting cashback option. It allows the consumer to retrieve a sum of the money they spent while shopping on AliExpress which they can later withdraw using one of the numerous methods available on Yajny.

Steps to use AliExpress Cashback:

  1. Upon entering Yajny website, you will be requested to sign in using your Facebook account, Gmail account, or using your e-mail. 
  2. If it's your first visit, after having signed in, Yajny will welcome you aboard by automatically adding a welcome bonus to your account.
  3. Go to the "All Stores" page or use Yajny's search bar to find AliExpress's store page. On said store page, you will find Yajny has divided AliExpress's product categories based on their cashback validity and percentage so you can choose the category you want to shop for.
  4. After choosing a category, click on 'shop now' and Yajny will automatically transfer you to AliExpress's official website, it may take a few seconds to load, but make sure to stay on the same page and wait for it to fully load so you don't lose your chance at receiving the cashback money.
  5. After being transferred to AliExpress, have your shopping spree as usual, but make sure first that your shopping cart is empty so that your cashback percentage is calculated accurately. Stay on the page you have been transferred to so you can check out and have the cashback added to your Yajny account. 
  6. After finishing the shopping process as mentioned above, the cashback percentage of the category you chose will be put back in your Yajny account after AliExpress's confirms that your order has been delivered and not returned or canceled.
  7. You will later have the ability to withdraw the cashback money you earned through one of the several methods on Yajny.

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