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Noon Food is a new food delivery marketplace housed within the noon app. The mission is to grow the Food and beverage delivery sector via accessible technology and fair pricing. Championing local businesses from the region for the region, They consider both the restaurants and the customers.

Noon is interested in providing the best services to its customers and promotes these services with more offers and discounts to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Offers and discounts on the Yajny platform are categorized into discount codes, from which you get an instant discount rate and cashback offers.

How to get Noon Food discount codes and cashback offers from the Yajny website or app?

First, let's explain more about Noon discount codes and cashback Noon food offers:

Noon Food Cashback

It is a cashback service through which each customer can get a portion of their payment back within 60 days of completing the purchase.

In addition to cash back, there are other saving services such as coupons and discount codes, through which the shopper provides an instant percentage that sometimes exceeds 50% once he activates the discount codes.

Noon Food discount code

Noon Food coupons and promo codes have varying discount rates. Yajny offers them to meet the needs of shoppers in terms of ordering and delivering food at exceptional prices. With the best offers, voucher codes, vouchers, and discounts offered by Yejni, shoppers are guaranteed an enjoyable shopping experience.

Noon Food and Yajny

Noon Food makes food ordering and delivery an easy and fast service for all customers by providing menus of restaurants and distinctive cafes surrounding the customer on one platform.

On the other side Yajny enriches the experience of ordering on Noon Food by activating discount codes and cashback offers throughout the year, which motivates shoppers to shop through Yajny to get more discounts and offers.

Steps To Get Noon Food Cashback

Get your money back by activating the Noon Food cashback on all categories of products through these steps:

1- Log into your account on, or create a new account to earn a welcome bonus added automatically to your account.

2- Find Noon Food’s store page in the All Stores section or use Yajny's search bar.

3- After visiting Noon Food’s store page on Yajny, click "Shop Now." You'll be automatically redirected to Noon Food's website. Stay on the same page to make use of the cashback service.

4- Note that the cashback tracking link works only through the store's desktop website, not the mobile app.

5- After you've been redirected to Noon Food through Yajny's website, make sure that your shopping cart is empty to enjoy your cashback correctly.

6- After the payment, the cashback amount will be added to your Yajny's account when the store confirms the order.

7- You'll be able to withdraw your cashback balance through one of the different ways mentioned on the Terms and Conditions page.

To transfer to Noon Food, Yajny will use a tracking link to track your orders and, in return, calculate your cashback percentage, so once you are assigned, make sure not to close the page yajny transferred you through so you don't lose your cashback privilege.

How to Easily Use Noon Food Coupons and Promo Codes?

1- Sign in to your Yajny’s account, find the Noon Food's page in the All Stores section, or search for " Noon Food" using the search box on Yajny's homepage.

2- On Noon Food's page, you'll find their latest coupons and discount codes. Select your appropriate promo code, and press "Shop Now."

3- You'll be redirected to Noon Food's official website; a pop up will open showing the discount code, press "Copy" to save the code, then head to the store's website.

4- Your shopping cart must be empty. Choose the products you want to shop for, then click on "Add to cart."

5- On the checkout page, where you will find a box for coupons and discount codes, paste the discount code you've previously copied, and then complete the payment process as usual.

6- Here it is! Now you enjoy the discount you received on your purchases and a shopping experience with more savings.

Please visit our Help section on Yajny's website on the dropdown menu under your account if you have any questions.

You can also contact Noon Food's customer service for any inquiries regarding your shopping tour or products.

Noon Food Features

Integrating the Noon Food food delivery service with the official service app and the service promises to charge fair commissions and make a big difference in the food delivery sector.

According to the Noon Customer Support Team Manager, the commission will not exceed 5%.It includes delivery of groceries and fresh essential goods.

Ease of ordering online, fast delivery, and reduced shipping costs.

FAQs About Food Egypt Discount Codes

Q1: Can I use the discount code/coupon with more than one phone number?

A1: The different Noon Food discount codes on Yajny can be used only once via one phone number, but you can use the appropriate coupon in each sale.

Q2: Where should I put the discount code/coupon when I want to use it at Noon?

A2: You can use your discount code/coupon on the payment page and checkout from Noon, and in addition to the noon discount, you will, from time to time, launch a promotional offer that offers you an automatic value that will appear directly when you try to pay the purchases you chose on the shopping cart page if the offer applies on the status of your order.

Q3: Can I use the coupon/discount code more than once?

A3: If the Noon Food coupon has already been used via your phone number, you will not be able to use the same code again. Another discount code can be used.

Special Terms: Users have to visit Noon Food  website through the tracking link on this page or the homepage to receive cashback on their transactions. Using Noon Food  promo codes or Noon Food  coupon codes without clicking on the tracking link will get the user a discount but not cashback.

Disclaimer: The cashback transaction may take up to one week to appear in the user's account and will be pending confirmation from the store that the order has not been refunded or returned. The cashback tracking links work only through Noon Food  website not the mobile application.

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