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Life Pharmacy UAE has a clear vision statement for its customers, which entails encouraging them to, “live healthily with the best possible services provided by the first retail pharmacy for healthcare with a world-class standard in the Middle East.”

Starting its journey in 1996, Life Pharmacy UAE aims to provide the best and most advanced experience in the field of the retail pharmacy market. Life Pharmacy UAE began with only one store then expanded to more than 300 retail outlets all over the UAE, providing a comprehensive range of healthcare products to serve an annual customer base of more than ten million walk-ins. Life Pharmacy is also the first online pharmacy in the UAE. Customers can shop through the Life Pharmacy website and app and find all the products they need related to healthcare and lifestyle.

Through the Life Pharmacy cashback UAE from Yajny and Life Pharmacy’s regular special offers, customers can shop for all their healthcare needs with ease.

The Life Pharmacy Cashback is exclusively available to you thanks to the partnership with Yajny for shopping deals so you can enjoy endless discounts on your orders from Life Pharmacy UAE. The cashback service offers you a discount every time you shop; a calculated amount is deducted from the product’s price or your shopping cart and deposited back into your Yajny wallet. You can then withdraw the money and use it however you like.

The Life Pharmacy Cashback UAE is a promotional service that aims to help customers save money while shopping online. A calculated percentage of 1.82% is deducted from the product’s price and added to your Yajny wallet as a cashback amount. This is like a discount on the product’s price because you get cashback every time you shop so it’s like you’re spending less. The Life Pharmacy Cashback from Yajny neither has limits nor a minimum/maximum. The more you shop, the more cashback you get. You can withdraw your cashback amount and use it however you like, as per Yajny’s seamless terms and conditions once your order is confirmed from Life Pharmacy UAE.

More About Life Pharmacy UAE

You can use the Life Pharmacy mobile application, available on Google Play and iOS App Store, to shop all your needs from vitamins and cosmetics to sports nutrition and baby care.

Life Pharmacy is the largest retail pharmacy network in the United Arab Emirates. With more than 300 outlets over the country, the company offers premium healthcare products and aims to expand its sales channels five times more in the next four years, in addition to increasing the number of its outlets to 1500 outlets by the end of 2025.

Efficiently utilizing advanced technology to link its outlets to its online stores, Life Pharmacy gives its customers the option to shop whichever way they prefer. This includes Life Pharmacy’s retail stores or calling their mobile number.

Shop all your healthcare needs now, from vitamins, sports supplements, and beauty care to cosmetics, baby care products, and more.

Don’t miss the free delivery option through the Life Pharmacy website and app valid on a wide selection of products. Your order will be delivered within 30 minutes.

Life Pharmacy also offers detailed information about the different products with a thorough and proper description concerning usage. The website brings the best deals and savings offers for people all over the UAE on the most sought-after brands. You also have easy payment options, whether debit or credit cards.

Yajny and Life Pharmacy Partnership

The commercial partnership between for shopping deals and Life Pharmacy’s online store for beauty and healthcare products is one that aims to offer a money-saving online shopping experience. The Life Pharmacy Cashback offers cashback on every order so a calculated amount is deposited back into your Yajny wallet so it’s like you spent less. Shop all the products you need using the Life Pharmacy Cashback and get 1.82% cashback on your order value, exclusively through Yajny.

The Life Pharmacy Cashback is exclusively available through Yajny for shopping deals. This service gives you cashback on your orders to be added to your Yajny wallet when you place an order from Life Pharmacy through Yajny. The cashback service has no limits so the more you shop, the more cashback you get, as long as you’re a customer and not a retail buyer. The service is valid on any of Life Pharmacy’s products even if they already were on sale. So it means you save twice. Wondering how to use a Life Pharmacy voucher? Follow the below steps:

Steps to Use Life Pharmacy Cashback 

  1. Create an account on using your Facebook account or any email you have, such as Gmail. 
  2. If you’re asking about whether you’ll get a Life Pharmacy first order Cashback, you’ll get something even better. Once you sign in for the first time, a welcome bonus will be instantly added to your online wallet. 
  3. You can find Life Pharmacy UAE from the “All Stores” page on the website or you can search for it using the website’s search bar. 
  4. When you find the store’s page, you’ll see a “Shop Now” button.
  5. Click the “Shop Now” button and you will be automatically redirected to Life Pharmacy UAE’s official website through Yajny. 
  6. Yajny uses a specific link for the cashback percentage to be calculated. Make sure you stay on the same page for the service to work so you can get your cashback and make use of the offer.
  7. Once you’re done shopping and ready to pay, proceed to checkout like you usually do. 
  8. The cashback money will be added to your Yajny wallet and it will remain pending until your order is confirmed. 
  9. Your promised cashback will be added to your Yajny wallet and will be ready for withdrawal after a grace period for possible replacements and returns (from 60 to 90 days). 
  10. You will be able to use this cashback money in many different ways as per the “Terms and Conditions” page on Yajny’s website.

Special Terms: Users have to visit Life Pharmacy website through the tracking link on this page or the homepage to receive cashback on their transactions. Using Life Pharmacy promo codes or H&M coupon codes without clicking on the tracking link will get the user a discount but not cashback.

Posting Time: Your due Cashback will be automatically added to your Yajny account pending confirmation from Life Pharmacy that the order has not been refunded or returned.

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