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Sheta and Saif KSA is an online hypermarket that is located in the Central Region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with 11 other branches around the country. The company was founded in 1982. The store is specialized in home appliances, electronics, entertainment devices, accessories, mobile phones, and AC units of all types. Sheta and Saif KSA has a high rank among customers due to their trust and satisfaction with the products and services they get from the store for more than 30 years of business.

AL Sheta and AL Saef has opened a branch in Riyadh, Qassim, and Jeddah to become a destination for anyone looking for high-quality products in the field of hardware and electronics. The store is currently working to expand further in the Saudi market.

Yajny is offering all customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA a special and exclusive service to guarantee they make more money every time they purchase anything from Sheta and Saif online store. Sheta and Saif cashback service returns back a percentage of the total money amount paid and this amount is directly added to the customer's balance on Yajny.

Besides having a reputation for affordable and budget-friendly prices, Yajny has more to offer. You can shop now through or by using Yajny's official free application on Google Play and Apple Store. Shopping through Yajny will let you enjoy the exclusive service of Sheta and Saif cashback all year long. This service provides every customer with cash money to return back on every online purchase he makes. The deserved amount is calculated by Yajny based on a fixed percentage of the total order cost and the money is directed automatically to the user's balance on Yajny.

More About Sheta and Saif:

Sheta and Saif is well known in the Saudia shopping market by its affordable prices, its offers, and its unbeatable deals on bulk purchases. The store is also known by the name Winter and Summer is some regions and is known in others as Sheta and Saif electronics. The company takes pride in having only 10 total employees across all of its various store locations while almost everything is automated and systematic. Sheta and Saif KSA generates around 2.10 million dollars in sales as annual revenue.

Sheta and Saif KSA or Winter and summer success in the Saudi market, and customer confidence in its products and services, and achievements of the evolution of massive, made ​​the administrative structure requires commensurate with the institution's ambitions and its cadres and the importance of their customers' administrative building. This made the company takes the initiative to build a model building on an area of ​​4000 square meters include parking capacity for more than 130 car to facilitate the movement of visitors, customers, and employees. The store's location has been selected to be in the center of the financial and business district in the heart of Riyadh, the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sheta and Saif is one of the largest and oldest companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of selling and distribution of electrical appliances, household, air conditioners, screens, computers, and many other products.

Yajny and Sheta and Saif Partnership:

The collaboration between Yajny and Sheta and Saif KSA made it possible for services like Sheta and Saif KSA cashback to be available in order for each of Yajny's clients to enjoy a more cost-effective online shopping experience.

Shopping through Sheta and Saif KSA is a very easy process. The store owns a simple and user-friendly eCommerce website that nearly anyone can use easily. When you open the store's website for the first time, you will be able to choose your preferred language and you can then sign in or create a new account for yourself to start shopping.

Follow the upcoming points to show you exactly how to use our exclusive cashback service.

Steps to Use Sheta and Saif Cashback:

1. Visit or download Yajny's official application from Google Play or Apple Store for free. Register to the platform by creating a new account using your Gmail, your Facebook account, or any other email account you have.

2. Signing in for the first time will automatically grant you a cashback welcome gift from Yajny that will be added to your account's balance. For further details about our welcome bonus, kindly visit the "Terms and Conditions" page.

3. You can find "Sheta and Saif" store in our "All Stores" page or by using our search bar.

4. On Sheta and Saif's page on Yajny, you will find all the available cashback categories for the online store. Make sure you read all about the category first before choosing it and clicking "shop now".

5. You will now be directed by Yajny to Sheta and Saif's official website through a tracking link that is previously programmed to calculate your online payments and add the correct deserved cashback amount to your account. Make sure you keep using the same link Yajny used to transfer you or else the Sheta and Saif KSA Cashback will not work.

6. Inside Sheta and Saif's website, make sure that your shopping cart is empty before picking your new items and starting your shopping journey.

7. Start shopping as usual and add all your needed products to the cart by clicking "Add to Cart".

8. When you are done, head to the shopping cart by pressing "My Cart".

9. Double-check your order before you checkout. As a final step, you will be asked to fill in your contact data along with your address and payment details. Follow these steps and then confirm.

10. The cashback money will be added to your Yajny's account once Sheta and Saif KSA confirms you didn't refund or cancel your order. For further details regarding cashback, discount codes, and how to apply them, kindly visit our "Terms and Conditions" page.

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