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Alibaba Group Holding Limited, also known as is a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in e-commerce, online shopping, retail, Internet services, and technology. The Ali Baba company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. The company provides various services and products on both sides, for individuals and for businesses. Alibaba owns as well and operates a diverse portfolio of companies around the world in numerous business sectors while partnering with different eCommerce platforms and worldwide brands.

Alibaba is the world's largest retailer and e-commerce company, and on top of the list of the largest Internet companies. In 2020, the company was rated as the fifth-largest artificial intelligence company worldwide. It also set the record on the 2018 edition of China's Singles' Day, the world's biggest online and offline shopping day. Alibaba is considered one of the cheapest online shopping platforms and this is because the suppliers spend less on labor, marketing, and customer targeting, this makes them offer less prices for their exact same products. 

Yajny is offering you the opportunity to purchase as many products as you want through Yajny's platform is where you will find exclusive offers, discounts, coupon codes, and cashback deals for everything available in Alibaba which doubles your discounts and returns back a percentage of any amount you pay as cashback. For further details about how cashback works, you can visit our Terms and Conditions page.

Alibaba cashback is the only way that guarantees you will receive money every time you pay in exchange for any product available online on The cashback service is a marketing and shopping benefit that returns back a percentage of the money you pay online and the money is directly added to your balance online on Yajny. This money can be withdrawn and used later on through various ways and you can get to know more about them on our “Terms and Conditions” page. 

More About Alibaba: is the leading platform for global trade serving millions of buyers and suppliers around the world. Alibaba has a clear mission to make it easier for people and companies to do business anywhere. Alibaba Group enables businesses to operate under their supervision while improving their efficiencies. The platform mainly provides the technology infrastructure and the marketing reach to help merchants, suppliers, retailers, brands, and other businesses to reach more of their targeted audience and sell their products or services. In addition to that, provides all online shoppers from all over the world various, convenient, and safe payment and financial methods. 

Even Though Alibaba is today dominating the Chinese market, the company never  intended to take control or pursue size or power, only wanted to be a good company that can last for 102 years. The Chinese group aims to build the future infrastructure of commerce and dreams of its customers meeting, working, and living at Alibaba.

Alibaba was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma who was an English teacher in 1995 and is the company’s spiritual leader. When Alibaba needs a new innovation, it goes back to him for inspiration. Mr. Ma stepped down as CEO, but Alibaba’s current corporate structure will let Mr. Ma and other top brass nominate more than half of Alibaba's board members. brings you hundreds of millions of products in over 40 different categories, including consumer electronics, machinery, and apparel. Customers are located in more than 190 countries and regions around the globe, and they exchange hundreds of thousands of messages with suppliers on the platform each day.

Yajny and Alibaba Partnership:

The partnership between Alibaba and Yajny is what makes it possible for online shoppers and customers around the Middle East to enjoy saving and making money while they still buy everything they want. Cost-effective shopping experience is Yajny’s promise to you every single time you use to shop from any of your favourite online stores.

The Alibaba cashback service is an exclusive service that is only offered to Yajny’s customers in the Middle East. The cashback service is an opportunity to make some money when you get back a percentage of what you pay online every time you choose to shop from through or Yajny official app. It is one of the many benefits that it is just about time to offer all the online shoppers to enjoy their shopping journeys hassle free while being much more cost-effective. 

The following steps will help you get the most out of our exclusive cashback benefit. 

Steps to Use Alibaba Cashback:

  1. Head to where you will have to create an account or log into the website. You can do so using your Facebook account, Google account, or any email account you have.
  2. Logging in for the first time will automatically add a welcome bonus to your Yajny's online balance. For more details about our welcome gift, please visit our "Terms and Conditions" page.
  3. Through Yajny’s home page, you can use the search bar to find "Alibaba" store page or you can do so using our “All Store” section.
  4. On the store’s page, you will find all the available cashback categories that you will be able to choose between.
  5. Pick the cashback category that works best for you and then click the "Shop Now" button to be directed to Alibaba's website to start shopping.
  6. Once you reach store through Yajny, make sure your cart is empty before you start shopping to ensure your cashback percentage is calculated accurately. You will need to keep using the same link Yajny used in order for your cashback service to work correctly.
  7. You can now start your shopping tour as usual, browse the various products categories available on the website, and then add the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart.
  8. When you're done, proceed to the checkout page and follow the website’s instructions to finalize your payment and purchase. 
  9. The cashback percentage will be added to your balance on Yajny when the store confirms that your order has been received and has not been refunded or returned.
  10. You will be able to transfer your cash money or withdraw it using one of the many methods listed on the "Terms and Conditions" page on Yajny.
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