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Terms & Conditions

Using the services provided by Yajny is regulated by the following terms and conditions. By becoming a member in Yajny, you agree to the terms and conditions including any future amendments or updates.

Cashback Deals

Yajny offers its members a service that allows them to save money while shopping online at different international stores through Yajny. Users who register on Yajny get back a part of their money spent on their purchases when they shop at the available stores on Yajny that offer cashback. It is a free service presented to Yajny users. 

Becoming a Member

Users can register with their personal emails, Gmail or Facebook account. This website is for personal use only, each individual is limited to one account. Duplicate accounts may result in cancellation of the account(s). By signing up, Yajny members agree not to use the platform for any illegal or fraudulent activity.

Your account will be deactivated once you don’t interact with the app for a year with all of your cashback and bonuses.

Earning Cashback

  • Once you have created your account, log-in to Yajny.com or through the mobile application. Browse the available stores that offer cashback on the home page or go to “all stores” and choose your desired store, or you can simply type the store name in the search bar. 
  • Make sure to visit the store’s official website through Yajny.
  • Make sure that your shopping cart is empty before you start shopping.
  • You have to complete your purchase during the same session.
  • Be sure that your cookies are enabled, as cookies are used to identify the member and assure that the cashback amount is transferred to the right account. 
  • Please be aware that Yajny can only track orders through the store’s website and not mobile applications. The cashback cannot be awarded for purchases made through mobile apps. 
  • Please note that using the coupon with the tracking link will not reward the user with cashback.
  • After you’re done with your purchase process, you will be awarded your cashback percentage. This amount will be added to your Yajny account but pending, you will be able to withdraw it once the order is confirmed from the store. The cashback amount should be totaling at least 5$ to be able to withdraw it.
  • Your promised cashback will be automatically added to your Yajny account, but if you use coupon codes that are not found on Yajny this may void cashback.
  • Please note that the cashback will be calculated on the net price of the items that you ordered. Any additional fees such as taxes, shipping or gift-wrapping are excluded from your cashback percentage.
  • The stores found on Yajny can exclude a limited number of products or categories from the cashback program. Yajny does its best to minimize and maintain an up-to-date list of exclusions.
  • Your cashback and bonuses will be subjected to the exchange rate of the currency to your local currency on the day of the order.

Receiving Cash-out

Members are responsible for providing accurate account information, including a valid email address and all required information based on the chosen cashout method. They are also responsible for reviewing their cashback accounts balance after receiving notifications to ensure that all awards have been properly received.

Members may select or change their cashout method from “Account Settings” in My Account section. The cash withdrawal methods available on Yajny are bank transfer, Paypal, e-wallets (Vodafone cash, Orange cash, Etisalat cash and banks e-wallets), Aman stores. Members can also check their account status and recent earning history anytime through their Yajny account details.

Once Yajny members have selected their cashout method and provided the information required regarding their preferred method of withdrawal, the cashback will be accessible for withdrawal upon request (after the store confirmation). There will be a 5% implemented on every transaction from the payout withdrawal fees.

In accordance with our cash-out policy, we have structured certain rules to simplify the process

  • The user has the right to submit a request to withdraw the cashback when the amount appears in the part designated for the confirmed Cashback in his account, and the amount to be withdrawn will be deducted from the total value of the confirmed cashback in the user's account.
  • Each payment method has a different minimum withdrawal amount.
  • To ensure that the requested amount meets the conditions, the maximum amount allowed to withdraw is always calculated ahead.
  • By default, the confirmed cashback will be fully withdrawn before any bonus can be withdrawn.
  • The requested cash-out amount should include at least 50% of the user's confirmed cashback amount which was issued on their previous orders.

Minimum withdrawal amount:  

PayPal = $100

Bank Transfer (Outside Egypt) = $100

CashU = $25

Bank Transfer (In Egypt) = 250 EGP

E Wallet = 50 EGP

Kindly note that your cashback and bonuses will expire after 12 months from its confirmation date, so after your cashback is confirmed you have one year to withdraw it until it expires.

Earning Bonuses & Other Rewards

Yajny periodically offers bonuses or other rewards for signing up, referring new members, or sharing on social media. 

Refer and Earn Bonus

Members may earn multiple Referral Bonuses through “Qualified Referrals”. A "Qualified Referral" is a new user referred by an existing Yajny member. This referred user receives automatically the $3 Registering Bonus that will be confirmed and accessible after making purchases with cashback transactions. The existing Yajny member who referred a friend will get a $3 bonus and can withdraw it when: He/she has a verified email and the referred person makes a confirmed purchase with cashback transactions. He/she can refer up to 5 friends and win $1 once they verify their accounts. He/she can refer up to 10 friends and win 2.5$ once they verify their accounts. He/she can refer up to 20 friends and win $4 once they verify their accounts.

Share & Earn bonus

Yajny members can create a store link and share it on any social media platform with friends. Once a friend uses this link to shop through Yajny, the users will get the cashback on their own accounts.

Members may not abuse the bonus system through the use of bots, SPAM, fake personas, and/or other suspicious or fraudulent identities. The determination of bonus eligibility will be at the sole discretion of Yajny and the bonuses amounts are subject to change.

Receiving Communications from Yajny

By signing up at Yajny, members agree to receive communications that are related to their account and membership as well as periodic emails regarding their cashback status and their favourite stores. Members can choose to receive emails through the “Email Subscriptions” tab in “My Account” section.

Protecting Members Personal Information

Yajny does not sell or rent the members’ personal information to third parties. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Cashback Disqualifications

Any bulk orders or orders for the same item repeatedly will be considered as merchant orders and will be rejected and denied the cashback.

Creating several accounts for the same person will disqualify the cashback and deny its payment.

In case of repetitive infringement of the terms & conditions of Yajny, and continuous defamation of the website and its services whether on social media or on Google Play and App Store reviews, the mentioned account(s) will be permanently deleted from Yajny, along with all the available and pending credit, and the account(s) will be blacklisted and denied any future registrations.

Please note that the cashback is calculated on the original product value excluding Value Added Tax (VAT), shipping fees, and any other fees related to delivery and payment method.

  1. The user who makes more than 3 purchasing transactions on the same day from the same store will be treated as a merchant, and therefore, forfeits the right to his/her cashback earnings. This applies to users in Egypt, and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC).
  2. Standard monthly cashout limit is 10,000 EGP in Egypt, and 4,000 US dollars in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, users can not request to withdraw more than the aforementioned cashout limit per month, any remaining amount in the user’s account can be transferred to upcoming months. This applies to all users. 
  3. Any user who makes the same order with the same amount more than 5 times on the same day will be automatically labeled as a merchant, and therefore, loses his/her cashback privileges.
  4. Users in Egypt whose order amount value is above 3,000 US dollars on one day will be considered a merchant. Users in Saudi Arabia, however, whose order amount exceeds 7,000 US dollars on one day will be marked as a merchant. Users whose order amount value exceeds the aforementioned limits and are marked as merchants will automatically lose their cashback privileges.
  5. Users who use the ‘Share & Earn’ feature while completing their transactions will not be marked as merchants, and therefore, can indeed enjoy their cashback privileges.This is as long as the user does not make 3 or more orders of the same product on the same day. 
  6. There is NO cashback limit. Therefore, if the user conforms to the conditions mentioned above, he/she can earn an endless amount of cashback in their Yajny accounts without having to worry about exceeding any cashback limits. 
  7. Cashback expiration date is one year. Having complied with Yajny's Terms & Conditions, you can withdraw your cashback balance at any given time within this year.

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