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Lacoste is a lifestyle brand that takes a sublime approach, born from the creativity of tennis champion René Lacoste, who first created the first polo shirt for himself and his friends, in order to be comfortable and elegant both inside and outside the tennis court.

Lacoste provide regular offers such as Lacoste discount code and Lacoste coupon code which provide customers with the best shopping opportunities by offering the best quality at the most affordable price.

René Lacoste, founder of the Lacoste brand, was nicknamed the crocodile by the press in the late 1920's when he was the tennis champion in one of the Grand Slam tournaments he won. René Lacoste embroidered the famous crocodile logo on the shirt he wore on the field.

Lacoste adopts the principle of one brand, one team, one voice, to achieve sustainable growth based on design excellence and customer satisfaction while developing talent.

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Lacoste products range from Lacoste glasses, Lacoste fragrance, Lacoste shirts, Lacoste bags, and Lacoste watches.

Lacoste stores are spread in the Gulf countries, there is Lacoste Riyadh, Lacoste Dubai, and other cities in the Gulf Cooperation Council states.

Lacoste as a unique brand embodies sustainable elegance, this requires a high level of quality and professionalism in areas such as design, finish, and manufacture, through sale and retail stores. Lacoste products and employees embrace the creation of a unique customer experience through the traditional or online distribution networks throughout the world.

As a specialized company, Lacoste has experience in choosing the unique fabric used in the manufacturing of its products. This includes high quality cotton which is more comfortable and practical for customers.

Lacoste adopts quality standards according to the principles of sustainable development and always guarantees that the use of cotton did not come at the risk of human rights.

Which is one of the many reason why men are clearly interested in men's Lacoste t-shirts and fragrances.

Lacoste branches are spread in several cities within the countries of the Middle East.

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The partnership between Yajny and Lacoste aims to provide Lacoste customers with the best shopping experience with more affordable prices through offers like Lacoste Coupon and Lacoste Discount Code.

How to use Lacoste coupon code?

To help you enjoy the most cost-effective shopping experience you can have, internationally famous apparel brand Lacoste has collaborated with to offer you exclusive access to the money-saving Lacoste coupon through Yajny’s platform. 

This Lacoste coupon code allows you to save extra on all of the purchases you make from the brand’s online shop, even items and goods that are already on sale by the brand itself! 

If you want to know how you can benefit from this promotional service Yajny is offering you, here is a detailed explanation as to how exactly you can use the Lacoste coupon code through our platform: 

Steps to use Lacoste coupon code: 

  1. Visit through the website or either of the mobile apps.
  2. Find Lacoste's store page on Yajny where you will find the currently available Lacoste coupon codes displayed. 
  3. Choose a coupon code, click on it to copy it, then press on the attached 'Shop Now' sign. 
  4. Once you do, you will be transferred to what is called a tracking page.
  5. In a matter of a few seconds, this tracking page will automatically transfer you to 
  6. Now that you are on the Lacoste shopping platform, you can browse through the brand’s diverse products, find what you need, and add it to your shopping cart so you can place your order. 
  7. Once you have placed your order and are ready to check out, proceed to move on to the checkout process where you will find the slot to paste the coupon code you got from Yajny to make use of the offered discount.
  8. Once you paste the coupon code in its specified slot and hit apply, you will be able to see the discounted amount in your order breakdown. 
  9. Choose your preferred payment method, and enter your detailed address so that your order is delivered to your doorstep.
  10. Only through can you enjoy this exclusive additional discount on all of Lacoste’s products, and only by following the steps clarified above.

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