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  • Waffarha Offers: 45% OFF on Cinema ticket + Popcorn
  • A deep facial cleansing session with 51% off at Lamsa clinic branches!
  • Get entertainment offers now at Waffarha with 59% Off
  • Up to 80% Off Health and Beauty category from Waffarhara



As we all know, the Egyptian community is a consumer society, as we are always looking forward to more and more shopping! However, as fun as it is, it is not always easy, or more specifically, it is not always affordable! And this is why we spend a respectable amount of time searching for the best prices and most affordable specs for any item we need to buy, from products that cost 5 to 10 pounds to the larger chunks such as travelling reservations, vacations, and weddings. But the one word that, for sure, rings to our hearts during that search process is ‘discounts’, because with the right discount or offer, you can get exactly what you want without having to compromise and without going over budget. 

Waffarha provides seasonal and regular offers aimed at decreasing the cost of products from all sectors to help its users enjoy a truly affordable shopping experience. That's not all, you can save even more on your shopping if you take advantage of Yajny’s exclusive Waffarha coupon code and cashback service which helps you double your savings.

Waffarha cashback is an exclusive promotional service and financial service available only through the Yajny platform as a result of the exclusive collaboration and partnership between and This service gives the user the ability to earn back some of the money they paid while shopping as a cashback balance which they receive in their Yajny account’s wallet so that they can withdraw it later using a method of the many available through 

Waffarha Coupon Code: 

Waffarha coupon code gives all of the store’s users and customers a great opportunity to enjoy a premium online shopping experience at a lower cost than most. Thanks to the company’s collaboration with, the cost of every order or transaction made through Waffarha’s online platform can now be decreased, and all you have to do is use the Waffarha coupon code which Yajny offers as you complete your transaction.   

More about Waffarha believes that deals are the only easy way and efficient solution to fulfill your shopping aspirations at the most affordable cost. And is really smart about these solutions and offers you a lot of benefits in one package.

Waffarha will inform you daily of all new products, services and stores that you may not have heard of before, and it will bring you great offers without having to wait for discounts or seasonal sales, as it will provide you with many offers and financial solutions at your disposal.

The service provided by is beneficial to all participating parties; for the customer, it is a safe way to try new products and services at discounted prices that cannot be obtained another way. As for the seller, they can sell more, expand their market, and increase the volume of sales in a very simple and easy way by maintaining the expected profit. So basically, both sides benefit through www.waffarha.coml! This is what makes shopping through is the best savings decision you can ever make!

Yajny & Waffarha Partnership

The cooperation between & took place in order to help the customers of both platforms enjoy the most affordable and cost-effective online shopping experience. This is through the use of the exclusive Waffarha cashback service and coupon code which allow shoppers to save more on all the shopping transactions made through So hurry up and take advantage of Yajny’s exclusive Waffarha cashback service and coupon code and save up on all your purchases, only through

You can now, and only through our platform,, take advantage of the exclusive promotional service, Waffarha Cashback, which is a service that works by deducting a certain percentage of the total amount of your spending and then giving it back to you as a cashback balance in your Yajny account so you can withdraw it later using any of the methods Yajny has made available. 

Waffarha Cashback is a promotional service offered by the Waffarha platform itself exclusively through our platform, Therefore, if you want to know how you can take full advantage of it, follow the instructions below: 

Steps to use Waffarha cashback service: 

  1. Register to with your Facebook account, email, or Gmail account.
  2. Once you sign in for the first time, Yajny will instantly add a welcome bonus to your account’s balance.
  3. Now find the Waffarha store page in Yajny which can be found in the "All Stores" section of the website or by typing the store’s name in the Yajny search bar.
  4. On said store page, you will see the available Waffarha cashback categories and percentage with an attached 'Shop Now' button.
  5. Click on it and you will be automatically transferred to Waffarha’s website through Yajny.
  6. To transfer you to, Yajny will use a tracking link to track your purchases, and in turn, calculate your cashback percentage. So, once you are transferred, make sure not to close the page Yajny had transferred you to so you don't lose your cashback privileges.
  7. Also, when you are transferred, make sure that your shopping cart is empty so that your cashback percentage is calculated accurately.
  8. Once you have added your wanted items to your shopping cart and are ready to checkout, proceed to checkout as you normally would.
  9. The cashback percentage you have been promised will be added to your Yajny account once your order has been confirmed by Waffarha itself.
  10. You will then be able to withdraw your earned cashback money using one of the numerous methods listed in Yajny’s terms & conditions page.

How to use Waffarha Coupon Code? 

Waffarha coupon code is an exclusive deal provided by the offers platform, Waffarha in cooperation with to help all of Waffarha users enjoy a more affordable shopping experience. This coupon code grants you an additional discount on all the orders you make through Waffarha, as long as you use it during the order checkout process.

To know more about how you can take advantage of this promotional service and save more on your Waffarha orders, follow the below instructions: 

Steps to use Waffarha coupon code: 

  1. Visit through the website or either of the mobile applications.
  2. Head on to the Waffarha store page on Yajny which you can find in the ‘All Stores’ section of the website or by using the Yajny search bar. 
  3. On that store page, you will find the currently available Waffarha coupon code displayed. 
  4. Click on it to copy it, then press on the attached 'Shop Now' button. 
  5. Once you do, you will be transferred to what is called a tracking page.
  6. In a matter of a few seconds, this tracking page will automatically transfer you to the Waffarha online platform. 
  7. Now, you can browse through the available products, find what you need, and add it to cart to place your order.
  8. Once you have placed your order and are ready to check out, proceed to move on to the checkout page where you will find the slot to paste the coupon code you got from Yajny to make use of the offered discount.
  9. Once you paste the coupon code in its specified slot and click apply, you will be able to see the discounted amount displayed in your order breakdown. 
  10. Choose your preferred payment method, and enter your detailed address so that your order is delivered to your doorstep.

You also have the opportunity to enjoy discount coupons and cashback in more than 100 different stores available only through Yajny.

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