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Buying from Noon Egypt's application will stop you from getting cashback, Please make sure you buy from the website.
Using any coupons will stop you from receiving cashback.


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Noon Egypt is a mega store, it is an online e-commerce platform where you can literally find anything. You can shop for electronics, groceries, home appliances, fashion, health, accessories, and much more. It started off in the GCC area and it didn’t take long before the word was spread and they moved on to most of the Arab countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

Noon Egypt earned the trust of every online shopper in the country who chose to get the best quality at the best possible price. Thanks to accurate product description, transparency, 24/7 customer care, and fast delivery, it.

Adding to Noon Egypt the cashback service offered exclusively all year long by makes it the go-to destination when it comes to shopping.

Noon Egypt guarantees that every online shopper will save time and effort. Thanks to the perfectly designed platform and application, it takes almost no time to search all kinds of stores, brands, collections, and categories for the thing that you need, all in one place and from the comfort of your home. Users have various kinds of filters as well to help them get exactly what they want.

The cost-effective shopping experience that Noon Egypt offers simply means that you will always enjoy something extra such as coupons, cashback deals, free delivery, discounts, and Noon Voucher codes.

Noon Egypt mobile application rapidly got popular as well and maybe even as fast as the website itself. Everyone almost used it at least once for it is organized, neat, and self-explanatory.

Top selling of Noon Egypt:

It's worth noting that the electronics category from Noon has the highest sales and most frequently requested products in this category:

  1. iPhone x 64 GB without FaceTime app
  2. PlayStation 4 "Sony"
  3. DualShock Wireless Controller
  4. FIFA 2019 game
  5. iPad 2018 from Apple
  6. portable charger
  7. Wireless AirPods
  8. Sony w800 compact camera
  9. multimedia streaming device
  10. Portable Speaker
  11. espresso machine
  12. Single cup coffee maker
  13. Series wrist watch
  14. Class Pro LED TV screen

Followed by the most popular categories of Furniture and Home Appliances like:

  1. Inflatable chair
  2. Inflatable air sofa
  3. Classic soft air bed
  4. 7-piece cookware set
  5. 20 piece dinner set
  6. Stainless steel frying pan
  7. Black 12 Shelf Shoe Cabinet
  8. 7-piece glass teapot set
  9. Crystal cookware set
  10. Portable mug with juicer and blender
  11. vegetable peeler and slicer machine
  12. black center table
  13. Wooden round table

Followed by the decorating and beauty category and the most requested goods are:

  1. False Lashes Effect Mascara
  2. Concentrated spray with the scent of musk
  3. Mascara gel for eyebrows and eyelashes
  4. X-Fiber Mascara
  5. Musk Howie EDP 100 ml
  6. Ceramic dryer and straightener
  7. Women's flamingo blades
  8. Sam by Mi beauty set
  9. Electric facial cleansing brush
  10. White musk essential oil

Followed by children's products and the most demanded is:

  1. Tambling Ficus game
  2. A complete girl beauty set
  3. Happy Animal Seat

Tips for successful shopping on Noon Egypt:

  • Before completing the purchase, see all its written details in the store and determine if the product accepts free shipping.
  • Use the Noon Express service, where the product is stored, packaged, and shipped by Noon directly to you in a very record time.
  • Review the site's policies well, especially the product return policy and the conditions necessary for the process to be successful, and know the products that do not accept returns.
  • Set a particular budget for shopping, so you know how to get the most out of it without getting carried away by the tempting Noon offers and discounts on all products.
  • Do not worry about paying with a credit card and the confidentiality of your information. Noon uses advanced and encrypted technologies, but it is preferable not to shop from public devices or shop on your device.
  • Try to save the dates of the offers and discounts because there are occasions in which the deal reaches 80%
  • Always shop at Noon through the Yajny website to benefit from the Yajny coupons and discount codes, along with the Noon discounts.

Yajny EG Cashback offers & Discount Coupons:

Yajny provides exclusive services to its customers to reinforce shopping operations in the stores preferred by most shoppers, which are very popular, such as Noon Egypt.

These services are divided into two directions:

- Coupons and discount codes:

They are coupons and codes containing varying discount rates to provide shopaholics in local and international stores with the best offers, codes, coupons, vouchers, and discounts to achieve a satisfactory shopping experience.

How to use the Noon Coupon Code?

  1. Register
    Register to or Download Yajny App for coupons & Cashback offers.
  2. Get bonus
    Once you sign in for the first time, the site will add a bonus to your account’s balance.
  3. Find Noon EG
    Head to the Noon Egypt store from yajny, which can be found on the "All Stores" page, or by typing the store name in the yajny search bar.
  4. Go to Noon EG
    After clicking "Shop Now", you will be automatically transferred to the Noon EG website through yajny.
  5. Check Out
    Once you have added your wanted purchases to the cart, you will proceed to check out as you usually would.
  6. Get Noon Coupons
    Paste the discount code that you previously got from Yejni on the last page, then click "Confirm."
    The discount you got after activating the coupon code will now appear, and you will be able to see the price before and after the discount is applied.

- Cashback offers:

It is a cashback service for customers of top stores in the Yajny list, such as Noon. Besides coupons and discount codes, the shopper can recover a percentage of the money paid to his account within 60 days of completing the shopping process.

How to get Noon Cashback offers?

  1. Register
    Register to with your Facebook account, email, or Gmail account.
  2. Get bonus
    Once you sign in for the first time, the site will add a bonus to your account’s balance.
  3. Find Noon EG
    Head to the Noon Egypt store in yajny, which can be found on the "All Stores" page, or by typing the store name in the yajny search bar.
  4. Go to Noon EG
    After clicking "Shop Now", you will be automatically transferred to the Noon EG website through yajny.
  5. Check Out
    Once you have added your wanted purchases to the cart, make sure to complete the checkout to get the cashback.
  6. Get Cash Back
    The cashback amount you have been promised will be added to your Yajny account as "pending" once your order is shipped and delivered.
  7. Confirm Cashback
    Your cashback will be confirmed and withdrawn once the order passes the return and exchange policy grace period (from 60 to 90 days).
  8. Withdraw Cashback
    You can now withdraw your earned cashback money using one of the numerous methods in yajny.


To transfer to Noon EG, Yajny will use a tracking link to track your purchases and in return calculate your cashback percentage, so once you are transferred, make sure not to close the page yajny transferred you through so you don't lose your cashback perivillage.

Noon Eg offers and discounts for Ramadan 2022

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, Noon Egypt provides discounts ranging from 10% to 60% off on all Ramadan goods, with prices starting at 63 pounds for Ramadan cartons.

Noon Egypt offers for Eid Al Fitr 2022

More clearances and offers on limited pieces of cosmetics, prices are starting from 55 EGP on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr, discounts of up to 65% on women’s fashion, and discounts of up to 13% on coffee mugs.

Noon Eg offers for Eid Al-Adha 2022

Discounts of up to 75% on all products from fashion and beauty to electronics and groceries + gifts. New users will get 10% off, while existing users will get an additional 5% discount.

Noon Eg offers for White Friday 2022

Special offers from Noon and discounts of up to 80% on electronic accessories such as smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, cameras, and more from the most famous international brands and special deals on all products.

Noon Eg offers for End of the year

Noon Egypt offers discounts of up to 50% on fashion products at the end of the year, including deals on children's toys, electronics, mobiles, women's supplies, home and kitchen supplies, health and beauty tools, and finally, groceries.

Noon Egypt FAQs:

What is the meaning of Express at Noon?

This means that the product is stored, packaged, and sent by Noon Company, therefore The shipment will be shipped faster because the Noon app receives the order for a product in the warehouse, so the task will be accessible by packing it and sending it to the customer quickly.

How can I get Noon free shipping in Egypt?

If your order includes Noon Express products only, shipping charges will be free when your purchases exceed 200 EGP. Otherwise, you will be charged a shipping fee of 20 EGP.


If your order includes oversized items, shipping charges will apply.

How can we expedite the Noon order?

Some Express products can be delivered the same day or the next day. But the option is not available for all products. A banner will appear on the product page if the product is available for same-day or next-day delivery.

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