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Noon Egypt


Buying from Noon Egypt's application will stop you from getting cashback, Please make sure you buy from the website.
Using any coupons will stop you from receiving cashback.

About Store

Noon Egypt is a mega store, it is an online e-commerce platform where you can literally find anything. You can shop for electronics, groceries, home appliances, fashion, health, accessories, and much more. It started off in the GCC area and it didn’t take long before the word was spread and they moved on to most of the Arab countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

Since Noon entered the Egyptian market, it took almost no time until it became a leading company in the field and a trendsetter in less than a year. Noon created and maintained two essential concepts in the online shopping world; a cost-effective shopping experience, and all in one store or the so-called one-stop-shop. 

Thanks to Noon Egypt's accurate product description, transparency, 24/7 customer care, and fast delivery, it earned the trust of every online shopper in the country who chose to get the best quality at the best possible price.

Adding to Noon Egypt the cashback service offered exclusively all year long by makes it the go-to destination when it comes to shopping. Noon Egypt cashback returns a percentage of the money you pay back to you through your Yajny account.

Cashback Terms

Special Terms: Users have to visit Noon website through the tracking link on this page or the homepage to receive cashback on their transactions. Using Noon Egypt promo codes or Noon Egypt coupon codes without clicking on the tracking link will get the user a discount but not cashback.

Disclaimer: The cashback transaction may take up to one week to appear in the user's account and will be pending confirmation from the store that the order has not been refunded or returnedThe cashback tracking link works only through Noon Egypt website, not the mobile application.


Noon Egypt Cashback

The cashback service offered to Noon Egypt customers exclusively by gives them extra benefits along with the already existing and non-stop offers and discounts. It provides the users with a cash percentage of any amount of money they pay to get any of Noon Egypt's products.

Noon Egypt Coupon Code

Noon Egypt coupon code is another service that Yajny offers its users and customers exclusively. While the online shopping business is thriving and gaining more clients by the minute, Yajny team is working on providing each of these engaged shoppers with the best deals, coupon codes, promo codes, and discounts for a more satisfying and unforgettable shopping experience, one that fulfills their needs and doesn't cost them much. 

More About Noon Egypt

Noon Egypt guarantees that every online shopper will save time and effort. Thanks to the perfectly designed platform and application, it takes almost no time to search all kinds of stores, brands, collections, and categories for the thing that you need, all in one place and from the comfort of your home. Users have various kinds of filters as well to help them get exactly what they want.

The cost-effective shopping experience that Noon Egypt offers simply means that you will always enjoy something extra such as coupons, cashback deals, free delivery, discounts, and a lot more. 

Noon Egypt mobile application rapidly got popular as well and maybe even as fast as the website itself. Everyone almost used it at least once for it is organized, neat, and self-explanatory. 

Yajny and Noon Egypt Partnership

Both Yajny and Noon Egypt believe that people should be able to afford their everyday needs and a bit more. That's why we made this partnership with Noon Egypt. Enjoy Noon Egypt cashback and get up to 6.9% from the money you spent on all orders. You can also use Noon Egypt coupon and get up to 15% off. Shop now through Yajny!  

How to Use Noon Egypt Coupon Code?

Shopping through Noon Egypt's website or application is a piece of cake. It will only take you one time to try and know how things work, then you will know your way on it and it won't take a couple of minutes to place your order and get what you need. 

Things to Know About Noon Egypt:

Before we get down to it and tell you all the steps in order for Noon Egypt cashback service to work correctly, let us mention briefly some main facts about Noon Egypt's platforms out of previous knowledge and experience. 

1. First things first, when you open either the website or application for the first time, you will need to pick your location or check if it is marked right to "Egypt". You can choose the language as well either your choice is Arabic or English.

2. It is better to create an account for yourself before starting your shopping tour, as you will be asked to do so afterward. Having an account also makes it super easy for your future purchases, where you won't have to fill in any data, you will just pick the items and press confirm. 

3. Noon Egypt is always one step ahead. The platform automatically sends you an email and an SMS with your order confirmation once you checkout. Another SMS will be sent to your mobile with the courier's mobile number once the order is received by the shipping company. The last SMS will be sent to you when the order is at your doorstep to make sure you got it. 

4. Tracking orders from Noon Egypt takes zero effort. On your profile, there is an icon for "Orders" and inside that page, you can find all of your previous and current orders and you can easily check their status and know when to expect them to be delivered. 

5. If for any reason an order will be delayed or an issue has occurred with one of your orders, you will find the exact reason mentioned clearly in the order's status.

How to Use Noon Egypt Coupon Code:

Applying Noon Egypt coupon code or promo code will not be so different than using the cashback service, just some slight changes in the process, but allow us to tell you how to successfully apply it in the following lines. 

Steps to use Noon Egypt Coupon Code:

1. Go to or download our official application "Yajny" from Google Play Store or Apple Store depending on the type of device you are using. You will not need to register or create any accounts. 

2. Find the “All Stores” between the website's sections to get to "Noon Egypt" or you can type the name in the search bar and hit enter.

3. You will now be directed to the store's page where you will find more about the brand and its available and latest coupon codes and discount deals. Choose the code that works best for you then click "Shop Now".

4. A window will be opened with the code before being transferred to Noon Egypt's official website within seconds. Click the “Copy” button to copy the code and then open the store’s website.

5. When you are on Noon Egypt's official website, start shopping casually and go through the different website categories freely. Choose the products you want to purchase and add them to the cart by clicking "Add to Cart".

6. Press on the cart's icon or head to your account's page if you have one to be directed to the shopping cart where you can check your order, edit it, and proceed to checkout.

7. On the shopping cart's page, double-check your order, add your shipping address, and then click "Checkout".

8. Fill in the data for your order delivery, personal contact information, and the chosen payment method. Now, paste the copied coupon code into its available slot inside the checkout page and confirm the purchase. 

9. Once you create an account on Noon Egypt or ordered from it before, your data will be saved and you will not need to re-enter any of the previous feeds again.

10. Your discount should be visible by now in your order's total amount and you should be able to see the cost before and after applying the code.

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