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The Luxury Closet
The Luxury Closet
2.5% Cashback


Buying from The Luxury Closet's application will stop you from getting cashback, Please make sure you buy from the website.
Using any coupons will stop you from receiving cashback.

Cashback Categories


  • Get 80% Off premium women's shoes from The Luxury Closet


  • Enjoy 60% Off special items from The Luxury Closet


  • Get up to 50% Off special items from The Luxury Closet


  • Enjoy 50% Off bags & shoes from The Luxury Closet




The Luxury Closet is one of the leading e-stores in the sale and purchase of new and used luxury products, as the company offers a large assortment of bags, clothes, watches, jewelry, and more from the most luxurious and finest brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and others.

The site contains more than 16,000 unique and distinctive items that you can choose from, moreover, you can also sell the pieces that you own and make a profit.

You can enjoy the endless offers from The Luxury Closet with Yajny and gain Cashback use in shopping again from the same brand or other brands.

Shop at The Luxury Closet through Yajny and save money. When you make a purchase through Yajny you will get a part of your money back. Enjoy the endless offers from The Luxury Closet cashback with Yajny and get Up to 5% Cashback on Every purchase. Shop now!

More About The Luxury Closet

The Luxury Closet started with only a three-person team, then along the years, the team has expanded and currently consists of 80 people of 16 different nationalities. The Luxury Closet is a diverse group of people who have strong faith in the authentic idea of The Luxury Closet and the drive to support its execution. The Luxury Closet team has taken it upon themselves to put in the maximum effort to develop and enhance the performance of their online platform, and plan ahead a superb strategy to achieve the maximum outcome in the future. 

Visit The Luxury Closet and enjoy a flexible and efficient experience through its user-friendly interface. And thanks to Yajny and The Luxury Closet's cooperation, you have direct access to the best regular and seasonal offers introduced by The Luxury Closet store. One of the best of those offers is The Luxury Closet Cashback service which gives you a unique advantage as it lets you retrieve a sum of the money you spent while shopping back in your account's credit to use in future purchases. 

The Luxury Closet's journey began when they sold their first "Hermes Birkin" bag which, in turn, led to numerous sales that paved the way for the company's grand history. The Luxury Closet is supported by the biggest investors in its region who work hard and give generously to make sure the company's presence gets stronger every day. 

Whether you are aiming to buy or sell, you will have a smooth ride on The Luxury Closet website which guarantees you 100% product authenticity, on-time delivery program, and flexible exchange and return policies. 

The Luxury Closet's idea is quite simple yet extremely efficient. It works as a platform that allows clients to turn their assets (clothes in their closet) into cash. These profit margins vary depending on the brand's name and value and are applicable exclusively to luxury pieces. So if you decide to buy or sell a luxury product, The Luxury Closet is your most profitable and most efficient option. 

Shopping for luxury high-end products in high-end retail shops is a highly fancy experience with quite the high standards, The Luxury Closet aims to provide you with an almost identical experience but with more affordable prices. 

With over 16,000 unique pieces, the company offers a wide selection of high-end pieces. You can make your purchases on The Luxury Closet website and pay for your items through a payment plan in installments. The Luxury Closet customer service team helps you in your shopping through tracking your orders and payment method to help solve any problems and answer any questions you may have at any moment while using The Luxury Closet website. The company ships worldwide and offers free shipping to any orders with a value higher than 1000 American Dollars. And thanks to the store's flexible return and exchange policy, you can easily return or exchange the items that haven't won your approval without going through any hassle. 

The Luxury Closet gives you the opportunity to sell your luxury clothes and revive your closet, in addition to the chance of gaining some money out of the process which you can use in future purchases. And through The Luxury Closet's shipping system, you are guaranteed to receive your money after your item has been sold. 

Yajny & The Luxury Closet Partnership 

Yajny and The Luxury Closet has partnered up to help you take the leap towards the perfect shopping experience through offering you the best offers and promotions possible such as The Luxury Closet cashback which adds a percentage of the money you spent shopping to your Yajny account to withdraw it later in cash through any method available on Yajny. Enjoy the endless offers from The Luxury Closet with Yajny and get Up to 5% Cashback on Every purchase. Shop now!

The Luxury Closet Cashback service is one of the best advantages that The Luxury Closet grants its customers exclusively through The way it works is that it gives you a percentage of the money you spent while shopping on The Luxury Closet back by adding the money to your Yajny account so you can use it in later purchases or withdraw it in cash. 

Steps to use The Luxury Closet cashback?

  1. Once you enter, you will be asked to log into the website using your Facebook account, Google account, or your email. 
  2. After signing in for the first time, Yajny will welcome you onboard by automatically adding a welcome bonus to your Yajny wallet.
  3. Find The Luxury Closet store page in the "All Stores" section of the website or through the Yajny search bar. 
  4. On The Luxury Closet store page, you will find the available cashback category with an attached 'Shop Now' button, click on it to get transferred to The Luxury Closet store. 
  5. To redirect you to The Luxury Closet website, Yajny will transfer you through a tracking page that tracks your purchases to calculate your deserved cashback percentage. 
  6. Therefore, in order not to lose your shot at the cashback money, make sure to stay on the page you have been transferred to while you shop so that your purchases can be tracked and the cashback money can be added to your account. Also, make sure that your shopping cart is empty before you start shopping so that your cashback percentage is calculated according to the order you made through
  7. Having picked out the items you would like to purchase and added them to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout as usual and the cashback amount you have been promised will be added to your Yajny account when The Luxury Closet confirms that your order has been received and not refunded or returned.
  8. You can then withdraw it using one of the methods Yajny provides in its terms & conditions page. 
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