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Dx Cashback Deals & Coupon Codes

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Cashback Categories

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5% Cashback

Dx Cashback

DX cashback is a money-saving promotional service provided exclusively by Yajny to help all bargain shoppers save even more on their Dx purchases. The way it works is that it lets Yajny track your shopping while you are on DX, then cuts the promised cashback percentage out of the total of your spending to give it back to you in your Yajny account from which you can later withdraw using any of the methods Yajny provides. 

More about Dx

Dx offers an unmatched wide collection of different products but is mainly famous for cool unconventional gadgets and devices. To reach their huge international audience, Dx delivers all of its distinctive products, whatever their type, to any location around the world no matter how far. 

Because delivery is sometimes delayed due to different variables and conditions regarding international mail, DX has set up several storage houses in a number of countries around the world to facilitate delivery almost anywhere in the world without charging extra fees. And to ensure safety and transparency when it comes to payment, Dx lets its users complete all payments safely via a Paypal account, allowing anyone with an international credit card to purchase from the site.

DX also has a dedicated site for purchasing bulk merchandise, and although this section specifically does not offer free shipping like the other one, it does, however, offer low-priced products according to the total amount purchased, and it also offers other payment methods for more flexibility. 

DX D4alExtreme offers free shipping to all parts of the world and is one of the first and only retailer sites that have multiple international and global warehouses in different places of the world. Currently, the company's centers are distributed in over 30 countries around the globe. DX also provides local phone numbers in 20 different countries allowing customers to call without having to pay international phone fees,  all of that is in addition to providing periodic and regular offers aimed at promoting the website's products with solutions that are in the best financial interest of the customers.

With Dx's awesome selection of products and offers, you are guaranteed to find the gadgets and products that you love at the prices most suited to your own budget. Whether it is phones, cameras, clothes, games, or rare collectible gadgets, Dx has something for everyone. To have easy access to all of DX's deals and offers anywhere, anytime, make sure to download the DealeXtreme app which is available on both Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store. If you are looking for even more affordable and cost-efficient shopping, make sure to check Yajny.com or Yajny app as well to be able to take advantage of Yajny's exclusive DX cashback service. 

Yajny & Dx Partnership 

DealExtreme DX is known for their awesome bargains and consistent deals and offers, however, because Yajny strongly believes that you can always save more, Yajny has partnered up with Dx to give you exclusive access to DX cashback and gain back some of the money you spent. Thus, achieving the most cost-efficient shopping ever. So enjoy Yajny's exclusive Dx cashback service and earn up to 5% cashback on all your purchases. Just shop now with Yajny!

How to use Dx cashback?

The exclusive DX cashback provided to you by Yajny is a promotional service that helps the user save on their online shopping by allowing them to earn some of the money they spent on their DX purchases back. This money gets then deposited in the user's Yajny account in the form of a cashback percentage. This cashback percentage is automatically increased with your purchases, so the more you shop, the more cashback money you'll get to earn back in your wallet. 

DX cashback is fairly easy to use, in the following part, we'll explain how...

Steps to use DX cashback:

  1. Open Yajny.com, then you can register to the website using your email account, Facebook account, or Gmail account.
  2. Once you sign in to the website for the first time, a welcome bonus will be instantly added to your account by Yajny.
  3. Now head for DX's store page which you can find in the 'All Stores' section of the website or by using Yajny's search bar.
  4. On DX's store page on Yajny, you'll find displayed the available DX cashback categories with an attached 'Shop Now' button, click on it so you can start shopping from DX's store.
  5. Once you press on the"Shop Now" button, you will be automatically transferred to dx.xom so you can start shopping. It may take a few seconds to fully load and transfer you, just make sure to stay on the same page so you can benefit from the cashback offer.
  6. Once you are transferred to DX DealExtreme online store, you will have to make sure that your shopping cart is empty before shopping to ensure that your cashback percentage is calculated accurately.
  7. Now pick out the items you would like to purchase, add them to your DX shopping cart, and when you are done, proceed to checkout.
  8. The cashback percentage you have been promised will be added to your Yajny account when DX confirms that your order has been received and not returned or exchanged.
  9. You will be able to withdraw your earned cashback using any of the numerous methods listed in the terms & conditions page.

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