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Souq Egypt
Up to 13%

Souq Egypt Cashback Deals and Coupon Codes

Up to {{ cashback_type_fn(coupon.coupon_store.current_cb, coupon.coupon_store.amount_type, 'flat' , 'no' ) }} Cashback
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Cashback Categories

Jewelry & Accessories

Up to 13% Cashback


Up to 13% Cashback

Eyewear & Optic

Up to 13% Cashback


Up to 12% Cashback

Bags & Wallets

Up to 12% Cashback

Watches & Accessories

Up to 10.1% Cashback


Up to 9.1% Cashback


Up to 9% Cashback

Perfumes & Fragrances

Up to 9% Cashback

Sports & Fitness

Up to 8.8% Cashback

Vehicle Parts & Accessories

Up to 8.7% Cashback

Coins, Stamps & Paper Money

Up to 8.4% Cashback

Health & Personal Care

Up to 8.4% Cashback


Up to 8.4% Cashback

Art, Crafts & Collectables

Up to 8.4% Cashback

Kitchen & Home Supplies

Up to 7.6% Cashback

Garden & Outdoor

Up to 7.2% Cashback

Music & Movies

Up to 7% Cashback

Home Decor & Furniture

Up to 7% Cashback

Tools & Home Improvements

Up to 6.7% Cashback

Pets Food & Supplies

Up to 6.5% Cashback

Bed & Bath

Up to 6.5% Cashback

Vouchers & Tickets

Up to 6% Cashback

Office Products & Supplies

Up to 6% Cashback


Up to 6% Cashback

Home Appliances

Up to 5.1% Cashback

Grocery, Food & Beverages

Up to 5% Cashback

Kitchen Appliances

Up to 5% Cashback


Up to 4.5% Cashback


Up to 4.2% Cashback

Computers, IT & Networking

Up to 3.3% Cashback

Cameras & Accessories

Up to 2.8% Cashback

Mobiles, Tablets & Accessories

Up to 2% Cashback

Souq Egypt Cashback

Souq cashback service is about providing you with a part of your money that you have spent on your order. Thanks to the partnership between Souq and Yajny.com, after shopping from Souq products, you can get a sum of the money you spent added back to your Yajny account and then you can withdraw the money through our different payment methods.

Souq Egypt Coupon Code

Souq Egypt Coupon Code, Souq discount code offer a shopping experience with high discounts and purchases at the best cost.

Founded in 2005, Souq.com was a pioneer in the field of online shopping in the region as an auction site, linked to the Arab portal "Maktoob". In addition to its headquarters in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, Souq.com caters to the needs of local markets with commercial offices in several locations such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and others, in addition to the technical development centers in Jordan and India.

Enjoy Souq.com products, and check out the regular deals of today from Souq.com.

More About Souq Egypt

Souq.com is often called 'Amazon of the Middle East', and it works as a retail site in addition to serving as a marketplace for third-party sellers. Souq.com offers a comfortable and secure shopping experience with the ability to pay online, the ability to pay cash upon receiving the goods, and the ability to return them for free.

Yajny & Souq Egypt Partnership

Thanks to Yajny's partnership with Souq.com, you will be able to enjoy an even more convenient and cost-effective shopping experiences. All you have to do is use the offers and promotions such as Souq Code, Souq coupon and Souq Cashback service and enjoy the best shopping experience.

How to use Souq Egypt Cashback?

Souq.com is one of the largest e-stores in the Middle East. It’s distinguished by the multiplicity of products that it offers in all aspects of life where you will find fashion whether for men, women, and children, in addition to the electronic products of all kinds, whether smartphones, televisions, computers, accessories and accessories of man, woman, and other products exceed half a million products.

Yajny gives you important advice on the products that you can buy through Souq.com which you can mainly use in every aspect of your lifestyles.

One of the most popular products you can find on Souq.com are electronic devices and accessories, including mobile devices and its accessories, moreover, clothes (men - women - children) and also computer, grocery, kitchen and travel accessories.

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One of the advantages of Souq is that you can get discounts throughout the year on most of the products available which enables you to get additional discounts besides the cashback as well, in which you can get benefited from throughout the year and all Souq products that have discounts.

You can find Souq.com code through Yajny.com, thus you can use Souq discount code with the cashback link provided by Yajny, which means that you will get an additional discount besides gaining cashback, which is a wonderful thing that Yajny provides you exclusively.

As for the section of Souq store in Yajny, you will find that we divided the cashback into multiple categories, and for each category, the percentage is specified about how much you will get of cashback through Yajny's website which will only be earned through using our link.

It should be noted that you will not be able to get cashback on any process you do except through Yajny. 

We act as an intermediary between you as a shopper and Souq.com, for example:

Souq.com is giving us a discount rate of 6% per example for every visitor to Souq through Yajny only, and we, in turn, give you a percentage as a cashback. Specifically, you will get the value of an 8% discount and we will get benefited by only 2%. 

The main goal we aim for you is to continue your shopping experience through Yajny.com that provides you with Souq discount feature where you can take advantage of due Souq Egypt cashback, which means that you will save part of the money that you will pay to Souq through us.

In order to get a discount on Souq products, in addition to making a cashback, we will explain to you the way the cashback works.

Here are the steps to use Souq Egypt Cashback:

1 - Sign in to "Yajny" website through Facebook, Gmail or your e-mail

2 - After completing the login process, you will find that Yajny added a welcome bonus to your account. This is a welcome message if this is the first time to register with us, you can now browse all the stores you want to shop and buy from.

3 - When selecting a particular store, for example, “Souq Egypt”, choose the store and then it will open for you a window containing “cashback categories” for example (watches, accessories, fashion, toys) and other categories that you would like to buy from.

4 - After selecting the category, click on "Shop Now" to be directed to the store to continue the shopping, but you must keep staying on the page that you were transferred to in order for Souq cashback to be counted for you, as we do a tracking process for your purchases to count the value of your cashback from the amount of money you will spend on Souq. Make sure that your cart is empty before starting your shopping.

5- A window will open for you to be directed to Souq, wait a few seconds and you will be directed to Souq.com. You must maintain the process of shopping and buy through this page in order the cashback to be counted for you.

6 - Shop and buy normally, we do not collect information about you or your wallet, we just track your purchases from the store in order to count the cashback only.

7 - After completing and confirming the purchase process, the cashback percentage will be placed in your wallet, this will be earned once souq confirms the order. You can then get the value of the cashback in your wallet or transfer it through our different payment methods listed in the terms and conditions page.

How to use Souq Egypt coupon code?

1 - Visit Yajny through the official website or the App (Android and IOS).

2 - Find Souq Egypt store page on Yajny.com by searching or simply choosing it from All stores section. Then find the coupon code that works best for you, and carefully read its description to know its validity. 

3 - Copy the coupon code by clicking on it, then click on the "Shop Now" button. You will then be transferred to Souq Egypt official website. 

4 - Yajny will transfer you through a tracking page, make sure you wait for this page to fully load and do your shopping normally, then paste the coupon code in its specified box upon checking out to get the promised discount.  

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Souq Egypt
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