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Zohoor Alreef is an online perfume and fragrance store that is located in Saudi Arabia KSA and was founded in 1991 in Al-Khobar, KSA. The store offers perfumes, body and personal care products, home fragrances, beauty creams, shampoos, and other variety of accessories, all these products are inspired and powered by the French fashion and lifestyle taste. Zohoor Alreef is known for its gifting packages and sets as it encourages its customers to give the perfect luxurious gift using its unique collection. The gift set doesn't only allow you to enhance the fragrance of your favorite perfume with scented toiletries, gifts, and accessories, but also gifts are deliverable to the address and on the timing that you pick.

As a perfume expert, Zohoor Alreef believes in giving its customers a fragrance experience that is long remembered. The brand's extended range of products guarantees there is something for everyone, for men, women, and home spaces. The art of creating high-quality and creative fragrances is not the only thing that sets Zohoor Alreef apart, this kind of skill is passed on to its experienced sales team who share an outstanding ability to create a bespoke fragrance for each customer upon request to give him his own signature scent.

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More About Zohoor Alreef:

After a phenomenal customer response when Zohoor Alreef started up in 1991, the store started expanding and opened stores other branches in Hofuf, Jeddah, and Riyadh in the KSA and this was only over some few years. In 1993, Zohoor Alreef got its first franchise in Hail, and in 1997, the brand became stronger and built a reputation for itself then it started to think about launching abroad.

The first abroad store was established in Qatar in 2002. By the end of the century, Zohoor Alreef had 20 stores across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, KSA. In 2001 the brand endeavored to develop and launch its own French brand called Le Verger Shop, which became a success given its premium French quality and competitive market prices. The progress pace of Zohoor Alreef improved even further and its customers experienced better product offerings, a wider range of body care products, perfumes, home fragrance, and accessories. By the end of 2011, the store was available in 140 locations across the Middle East including Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait along with the first concept store for the “Le Verger Shop” brand and more followed. Over the course of 3 more years, Zohoor Alreef brand presence widens to include more than 200 stores across 7 countries which are KSA, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Yemen.

In 2013, the brand launched its currently powerful e-commerce website along with its social media channels to reach out and serve even more customers in person. By the end of the current year, Zohoor Alreef will also be opening its first store in Morocco.

Zohoor Alreef has its own premium services such as free delivery which makes it deliver in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for free. The cash on delivery service is the other benefit that you get when shopping from Zohoor Alreef along with the option of making safe and 100% guaranteed secure payments using your credit card.

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Steps to Apply Zohoor Alreef Coupon Code:

1. Go to from using our website or our official mobile application on Google Play or Apple Store. Registering or creating a new account will not be necessary.

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5. After that, you will be automatically taken to Zohoor Alreef's online store where you can start your own shopping trip.

6. Choose all the products you want to purchase and press "Add to Cart".

7. When you are done, click "Checkout" or go to the shopping cart by clicking on its icon. Double-check your order and then move to the payment phase.

8. On the final checkout page, after adding all the needed details, you will find a slot to add the Zohoor Alreef coupon code. That is where you need to paste the earlier copied discount code and then press "Continue".

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10. For further details, kindly head to our "Terms and Conditions" page.

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