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Udemy is an American online learning platform founded in May 2010 and headquartered in San Francisco. The name is a combination between two words; You and Academy and this stand for the main purpose and vision of the platform which is to learn on your own schedule and develop at your own pace. Simply, it's your own online academy. The platform is created for professional adults and students to invest in both, their career and personal growth. 

Udemy has a collection of endless courses and a very long category list from which you can choose whatever you need to know more about. Just decide and pick your topic from business, marketing, arts, cooking, music, languages, personal development, health and fitness, IT and software, designing, and a lot more. Once you sign up for free on Udemy, you get lifetime access for all the academy online content. Each instructor sets the price for his course, some are free and some are not, but all are affordable and reasonably priced. It's the best way you can spend your money when you invest in yourself the way you always wanted to while still getting back a percentage of what you paid through Yajny offers. Through Udemy cashback deal, Yajny provides you with a percentage of the amount of money you paid for any online course you choose to enroll in on Udemy. Buy now!

Udemy cashback service offered exclusively by Yajny provides you with a percentage of the amount of money you paid for any online course you choose to enroll in on Udemy platform. This means that you're not only investing in yourself but you will be raising some more money as well. Your earned money will be automatically added to your account's balance in Yajny and you can withdraw it through the different payment methods available on Yajny.

More about Udemy

Udemy started up with the belief in the right and ability of every person to learn anywhere and anytime. It all started back in 2007 by programing and creating a live virtual classroom software. By January 2020, the platform reported that it reached more than 50 Million online students, 57,000 instructors, and 150,000 courses in 65 different languages. The Udemy users are located in 190 countries around the world and 2/3 of the academy students are located outside the United States of America. 

The Udemy learning platform is officially a part of the MOOC movement which stands for Massive Open Online Course and is against the traditional academic system. The movement is all about creating alternative learning certified and credible systems. The company provides many offers online such as Udemy cashback offered by Yajny for an affordable experience.

Udemy focuses on three main kinds of audiences, the instructors, the young professionals and students, and the businesses. While being invested in self-development, Udemy is also very interested in customized corporate training where any team leader can sign up and handpick the best courses for his team. 

That's not all, the courses can now be totally viewed and accessed through Udemy's application that is compatible with both the iOS and Android operating systems.  And as the cherry on top, once you open the website, you can go through a short questionnaire that will collect information about your learning goals and will customize course recommendations accordingly. 

Yajny and Udemy Partnership:

Yajny's main goal is offering the user the best cost-effective shopping experience he can get and through our partnership with Udemy, we aim to pay you back a percentage of your paid money thanks to Udemy cashback service.

In the following steps, we will illustrate how to use and benefit of our Udemy cashback deal. 

1. Open our website and create your account either with Facebook or using your email address or Gmail.

2. Sign in for the first time with your new account to automatically receive the welcoming gift which will be added to your Yajny account.

3. You can withdraw the welcome bonus according to the conditions listed in the Terms & Conditions page.

4. Use the search bar to find "Udemy", or get to it through "All Stores" page or from the Home page. 

5. All Udemy cashback categories will be found on the store's page on Yajny along with all about Udemy.

6. Pick the cashback category you want and click "Shop Now".

7. You will then be directed to Udemy's official website where you can create an account for yourself and start your casual online shopping. You have to make sure first that your shopping cart is empty.

8. Stick to the link used by Yajny to transfer you to Udemy's website. This link is previously programmed to calculate your Udemy cashback percentage and add the amount to your account on Yajny directly. If you close the page or use another link, the cashback service won't work.

9. After signing in to Udemy, choosing your courses will be a piece of cake as the website will suggest the best courses available and the ones that match your learning goals. 

10. Add all the courses you need to your cart and then click "Go to Cart".

11. Double-check the courses and their prices before proceeding to checkout. 

12. The final stage is to fill in your payment data and hit "Complete Payment". 

13. Your Udemy cashback money will be added to your Yajny's account. You will be able to withdraw the money after your order is confirmed by Udemy. Choose the most suitable way found on Yajny to withdraw your money, you can check the Terms & Conditions page to know more about the withdrawal methods.

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