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Since 2001, SteelSeries has been the ambitious driver of esports and professional gaming. From nurturing premier professional gamers to creating products specifically for professional teams, to transforming exceptional gamers into world-class stars, SteelSeries' focus has always been on supporting the gaming industry and helping gamers... everywhere.

The SteelSeries team's innovative trends are a true professional supporter who goes beyond limited participation with private investment in the industry. Where players in the world are closely supported and through their experiences create products that ensure that the needs of players at all levels are met. For example, whether you're on the team that wins back-to-back international championships, or you're a rookie or a veteran, SteelSeries gives you the tools to boost your playing performance Esports is at the heart of what SteelSears is working towards.

SteelSeries offers seasonal and regular offers with the aim of optimizing the players’ experience with the value for money that comes in the form of discounted promotional programs that save the player as a customer of the store. CashBack SteelSeries comes with the advantage of returning a percentage of the amount of each spend on store products into your Yajny account which saves on the price of the spend, while also being an enjoyable experience in itself as fun to play.

SteelSeries cashback is a program that provides a percentage deduction from the price of a player's spending on online store products. For each SteelSeries shopping cart, a percentage of the total price is deducted and deposited into your account. The cashback increases with the increase in shopping operations. shop more and win more.

More About SteelSeries

SteelSeries is obsessed with "The Pioneers". Dating back to 2001, it was created as a platform that caters to needs of immersive gamers, with innovations such as the first of its kind, Icemat glass mouse pads.

Since the beginning of the original innovations of SteelSeries, the first mechanical gaming keyboard, the first hanging gaming headset, the first mouse of its kind with a special innovation, and endless other innovations have also been created.

SteelSeries is dedicated to creating products that push professional gaming beyond what anyone could dream of. These innovations make gaming more competitive and more fun.

SteelSeries fans and clients of professional esports teams are always asking for ultimate performance support. That is why the necessity of professional quality is always combined with the relentless pursuit of creating simple and modern designs. It is no secret to say that every button, key, and any technical material are all under the professional design to support the player's movement and development of his performance.

SteelSeries' goal is to offer gaming peripherals that appear to be an extension of the player's own limbs. The company's designers handcraft and test every material to make sure you have a great product and are fully engineer-tested to measure every feature and avoid every flaw, ensuring endless quality for gamers everywhere.

Yajny and SteelSeries Partnership

The cooperation between Masna Yajny for Shopping Offers and SteelSeries Store is commercial cooperation aimed at bringing the players’ purchasing experiences to the lowest price in return for the high quality of the product, and this is through cashback SteelSeries that provides a return of a percentage of the shopping amount in your account on the leading site in the world of shopping offers. Shop now and take advantage of CashBack Steel Series that provides you with 2.5% cashback on the shopping cart!

Exclusively and now from Yajny, take advantage of the Cashback Steel Series service, which returns you a financial percentage of the total amount of your spend in every shopping transaction you make, to be refunded to your Yajny account, and then you can withdraw it later via any of the withdrawal methods available on Yajny on the terms and conditions page.

If you want to know how to take full advantage of Cashback SteelSeries, follow the instructions below:

Steps to use SteelSeries Cashback

  1. Once you sign in for the first time, Yajny will instantly add a welcome bonus to your account’s balance.
  2. Now find the DeFacto store page in Yajny which can be found in the "All Stores" section of the website or by typing the store’s name in the Yajny search bar.
  3. On the store page, you will see the available DeFacto cashback categories and percentages with an attached 'Shop Now' button.
  4. Click on that 'Shop Now' button and you will be automatically transferred to the SteelSeries website through Yajny.
  5. To transfer you to Steelseries, Yajny will use a tracking link to track your purchases, and in turn, calculate your cashback percentage. So, once you are transferred, make sure not to close the page Yajny transferred you through so you don't lose your cashback privileges.
  6. Also, when you are transferred, make sure that your shopping cart is empty so that your cashback percentage gets calculated accurately.
  7. Once you have added your wanted items to your shopping cart and are ready to checkout, proceed to checkout as you normally would.
  8. The cashback percentage you have been promised will be added to your Yajny account once your order has been confirmed by DeFacto itself.
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