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About Store

Mothercare is a global company that offers various kinds of products dedicated to mothers, babies, and kids. The company caters to many different markets and cultures, supplying products for parents, babies, and children up to the age of eight years old. Mothercare was founded in 1961 and the brand opened its first store in Surrey, the UK initially focussing on pushchairs, nursery furniture, and maternity clothing.

The British company is a huge retailer that specializes in these kinds of products and it was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1972 and is a constituent of the FTSE SmallCap Index. Mothercare's United Kingdom subsidiary had over 150 stores in 2017 and today the parent company continues to supply franchises in other countries.

To facilitate an easier more cost-effective shopping experience for all the brand's customers in Kuwait, Mothercare Kuwait offers a series of different promotional services and discount deals on all of their quality products only for online shoppers. Other than the offers and deals available through the website itself, Mothercare Kuwait has also collaborated with Yajny to provide its customers and users with extra exclusive cashback deals all year long through the Mothercare Kuwait cashback service only when shopping online using or Yajny's official application on Google Play and Apple Store.

Cashback Terms

Special Terms: Users have to visit Mothercare Kuwait's website through the tracking link on this page or the homepage to receive cashback on their transactions. Using Mothercare Kuwait promo codes or Mothercare Kuwait coupon codes without clicking on the tracking link will get the user a discount but not cashback.

Getting Cashback: Your due Cashback will be automatically added to your Yajny account pending confirmation from Mothercare Kuwait that the order has not been refunded or returned. The cashback tracking link works only through Mothercare Kuwait website, not the mobile application.


Mothercare Kuwait Cashback

The cashback service is simply a deal made between Yajny and its customers that guarantees they get a percentage of any amount of money they pay online to purchase any of Mothercare Kuwait's products. Mothercare Kuwait cashback money is directly added to your Yajny's account balance once the store confirms your order and the payment is finalized. Don't miss the opportunity to get a part of your money back with Mothercare Kuwait cashback when you shop online from Yajny.

More About Mothercare Kuwait:

Mothercare is the best global retailer in the mother, baby, and children’s market. The brand has developed over years to be a successful global multi-channel retailer available in more than 55 countries worldwide. Mothercare’s success is based on its ability to understand and fill children’s and parents’ needs, helping mothers and fathers in their parenting journey.

Mothercare company operates online, on high streets, and in out-of-town retail parks. In November 2009 the brand had over 1,060 stores worldwide, of which 389 were in the United Kingdom, and 671 were in 38 other countries around the world. By 2017, Mothercare operated over 1,302 stores worldwide, with 152 stores in the United Kingdom.

In 1983, Mothercare Kuwait was founded when M.H. Alshaya Co. began its first franchise operation with the Mothercare brand in Kuwait, which was also its first international store. Alshaya Group -which is headquartered in Kuwait - operates Mothercare franchises in the Middle East, North Africa, central, and eastern Europe, and Russia.

The Mothercare brand is synonymous with children and parenting. The name developed over the years from being a brand to becoming a generic word that carries with it a reputation for specialism, quality, safety, and innovation in providing products and services for mothers, mothers-to-be, babies, and young children.

Yajny and Mothercare Kuwait Partnership:

The cashback benefit is considered one of the best qualities of shopping online. It is the only chance for the customer to make money every time he chooses to purchase any product online. Thanks to Yajny's collaboration with Mothercare Kuwait, this service is now available for all the Middle East's online shoppers to enjoy better cost-effective shopping experiences.

How to Use Mothercare Kuwait Cashback

As a destination retailer, Mothercare Kuwait offers an extensive range of fashions from maternity to kids up to 8 years. When it comes to looking after a baby, Mothercare is a true specialist, with a comprehensive range of baby essentials, feeding, nursery furniture, pushchairs, car seats, and much more. With over 50 years of experience and advice, Mothercare has everything parents need to give their children the best care they need.

Follow these steps to know how to get the most out of our exclusive service; Mothercare Kuwait cashback.

Steps to Use Mothercare Kuwait Cashback:

1. Go to to register and create an account. You can do so using your email account on Gmail or you can use your current Facebook account or any other email address you have. You can sign up using Yajny's official application as well, which is free to download from Google Play and Apple Store.

2. Logging in for the first time automatically grants you cash money as a welcome bonus from Yajny and it will be added directly to your account's balance. For further details about our welcoming gift, kindly visit the "Terms and Conditions" page.

3. You can use our section "All Stores" to find "Mothercare Kuwait" store or you can use the search bar. Double-check that you are on Kuwait's page and not any other country's page.

4. On the store's page, you will find all the currently available cashback categories from which you can pick the one that works best for you then click "Shop Now".

5. Yajny will now use a specific link to direct you to Mothercare Kuwait's online store to start shopping. Make sure you keep using the same link in order for Mothercare Kuwait cashback to work. Yajny will be tracking only your payments not your information through this link and will calculate the cashback percentage you earned accordingly.

6. When you reach Mothercare Kuwait's website, make sure that your shopping cart is empty before choosing new items and adding them to it.

7. Start your shopping journey as usual and add all your needed products to the shopping cart by clicking "Add to Basket".

8. When you are done, head to the cart to double-check your order and continue to checkout. The website will ask you to sign up or log in to move forward, so follow the directions and go to the next step.

9. Finalize your payment and fill in all the needed data such as your contact information, the shipping address, and your payment card details, then confirm.

10. The cashback percentage that you just earned from this payment will be added to your Yajny's account balance when Mothercare Kuwait store confirms you didn't cancel or refund your order. For further details about the Mothercare Kuwait cashback withdrawal, discount codes, and more, kindly visit the "Terms and Conditions" page on