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Mikyajy UAE

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Mikyajy UAE Cashback

As mentioned earlier, since Mikyajy UAE was established it built itself a community of over 1.5 million loyal fans and clients. This community is what Mikyajy cares about the most and that is why the store continuously offers discounts and deals for its customers. Thanks to Yajny, Mikyajy UAE can now offer more with the Mikyajy cashback service that brings each customer a percentage of the money he paid to shop from Mikyajy UAE through Yajny.com.

More About Mikyajy UAE:

Mikyajy UAE is a loved beauty brand in the Middle East region and it is one of the stores that are always keen on providing their customers and users with continuous offers, promotions, and discounts on its products. The inspiration behind Mikyajy was the women and the girls the brand creators have seen and dealt with within the region. According to Mikyajy UAE official website, those women helped them identify the gap in color selection, payoff, staying power, and products designed to stand up to Middle Eastern climate conditions.

The brand name "Mikyajy" means “My Makeup” in Arabic and the name was chosen specifically to personalize the experience that wearing on makeup creates for every girl and every woman. Mikyajy UAE truly believes that All Girls Are Beautiful, and the store's main purpose is to empower them to take on the world with more confidence.

What makes Mikyajy UAE special is its ability to bring customers the best international trends but with a personal national taste and without forgetting their targeted audience's preferences. Not to mention that Mikyajy cosmetics and products are all made in European factories under the supervision of an international beauty expert team to ensure that you get premium quality level products.

On the Mikyajy UAE website, you can shop in several methods, you will be able to find all the products divided into four main sections; Makeup, Accessories, Fragrances, and gifts. Besides the two customized sections; Sale where you can find all the latest best offers and Virtual Try-On where you can try the products live before purchasing them. As for the main sections, you will find more sub-sections under each making it easier and faster for you to find exactly what you need. For example, under the Makeup section, all the available products are categorized by Face, Eyes, Lips, and Nails.

Last but not least are the online shopping features for Mikyajy UAE which makes your online shopping experience one of a kind. Within the United Arab Emirates UAE, you will enjoy the advantages of free returns, paying either online with your credit card or offline in cash when your order is delivered, and you will get free delivery service for orders that exceed a specific amount.

Yajny and Mikyajy UAE Partnership:

This agreement is what makes a service such as Mikyajy UAE cashback possible all year long on all products, for every customer, and every time you choose to shop from Mikyajy UAE using Yajny.com. This simply means that the more you shop online from Mikyajy UAE, the more money you will make and earn. This cooperation aims to save you money, effort, and time through these exclusive promotional solutions, and this one cashback benefit that is believed to offer the most cost-effective shopping experiences ever.

How to Use Mikyajy UAE Cashback

One of the best qualities that will extremely enjoy while shopping online from Mikyajy UAE is the "Virtual Try On" option which makes you pick up whatever product you want to purchase and try it live before ordering it. This also helps you choose exactly the right shade for your skin tone and the color that fits you best. You can choose a certain model as well from the brand's models and use the product on her if she looks similar to you.

For the virtual try-on to work and to find the perfect shade for yourself, you will only need to choose a product and click "TRY ON". Then, enable your live camera or upload an old selfie from your device. You can click on the swatches after that to see how great the shade looks on you.

Through the upcoming steps, we will explain how the Mikyajy UAE cashback service works.

Steps to Use Mikyajy UAE Cashback:

1. Go to Yajny.com to register to the website. You can create a new account using your Gmail account, your Facebook account, or any other email account you have.

2. When you sign in for the first time, Yajny will automatically grant you a welcome gift and it will be added to your account. For further details about our welcome bonus, kindly visit the "Terms and Conditions" page.

3. From Yajny's home page, you can find "Mikyajy UAE" inside the "All Stores" section of the website or you can use the search bar to find the store.

4. On the store's page on Yajny, you'll find all the available cashback categories for Mikyajy UAE store, take your pick then click "shop now".

5. You will now be directed to Mikyajy UAE official website to start your shopping tour. Yajny will use a certain link that is previously programmed to track your online purchases to transfer you, make sure to stay on the same page and use the same link, or else the Mikyajy cashback will not work.

6. On Mikyajy UAE's website, make sure that your shopping cart is empty before you start shopping to ensure that your cashback percentage is calculated accurately.

7. Start your shopping journey as usual and pick out the items you want to purchase. Add everything to your shopping cart, and when you are done, proceed to checkout.

8. On the checkout page, choose your payment method and add all your contact information then click to confirm.

9. The cashback money should now be calculated and will be added to your Yajny's account balance once Mikyajy UAE confirms that you received your order and didn't refund or return it.

10. You can check our "Terms and Conditions" page to know more about your cashback money and how to get the most out of it.

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