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Mikyajy brand has 20 years of continuous development in the field of make-up, cosmetics, and perfumes and has grown significantly to gain the confidence of women in the Gulf region and has always been an effective partner in the field of manufacturing products that suit the needs of Arab girls and women in the beauty sector, Mikyajy is distinguished by taking into account the selection of distinctive colors and fragrances that are favorable in the Middle East.

You will enjoy an exceptional experience when you shop online from Mikyajy KSA's online website, where you can find high-quality products for eyes, lips, nails, face, perfumes, makeup boxes, and exclusive seasonal collections with guaranteed quality comparable to the European level.

Mikyajy KSA Online provides you with a set of cosmetics specially designed for Gulf women to suit the climate and nature of the region, and Mikyajy cosmetics are produced in European factories under the supervision of international beauty experts to ensure that you get high-quality products.

Enjoy Mikyajy's great promotional offers and deals, including Mikyajy Cashback, which provides you with the advantage of earning back some of the money you paid for your purchases from Mikyajy KSA, so the more you shop, the more money you win. This promotion is valid for all orders, including discounted and non-discounted products displayed on the site.

Mikyajy KSA, as a brand and store, cares deeply about winning the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers. Therefore, they make sure to provide a series of regular and seasonal offers that help their customers achieve a more affordable shopping experience, Mikyajy KSA cashback is one of the most effective of those offers because it helps the user save on each and every purchase they make from the website, as long as it is done through 

More about Mikyajy KSA 

Mikyajy KSA website welcomes you with the message “Welcome to the colorful world of Mikyajy!”, Since the inception of the brand 20 years ago as a pioneer in color cosmetics and Gulf perfumes, Mikyajy has grown into a close-knit family of 1.5 million loyal fans all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar!

The inspiration behind Mikyajy is the women and girls the brand serves in the region. These clients helped define color spaces, durability, and products designed to withstand the climatic conditions that characterize the Middle East. It has also helped customers identify the need for more quality and fun while using the products! This is how Mikyajy was born. Mikyajy in Arabic means 'my cosmetics', and the name is an expression of the personal experience of makeup, which represents a cosmetic element for every girl and every woman. Mikyajy brand professionals strive every day to make client experiences as enjoyable, unique, and vibrant as their gorgeous clients deserve! Mikyajy believes that all girls are truly beautiful, and seeks to enable them to face the world with confidence!

Mikyajy has a team of experienced and passionate people in the field of product research, development, and quality to ensure you get the best color cosmetics for eyes, lips, nails, face, perfumes, and gifts, with packages that include the exciting limited edition seasonal collections, as an example. Mikyajy offers you the best international trends without forgetting the contrast of personal tastes and preferences, and do everything they can so that the girl and woman using their products get exactly what she needs, with quality guaranteed by modern European manufacturing facilities!

Whether you are a beginner and find makeup a bit intimidating, love to experiment and adventure in looks, or you are a professional and know exactly what looks good on you, Mikyajy is your go-to destination!

Other than its online store, Mikyajy KSA has a group of field stores across the Kingdom, including Riyadh Mikyajy, Jeddah Makeup, Tabuk Mikyajy, Makkah Mikyajy, and more. 

Yajny & Mikyajy KSA Partnership 

The cooperation between Yajny, the shopping offers platform and the Mikyajy KSA online store aims to save customers cost through exclusive promotional solutions and services that give them the advantage of obtaining products at lower prices. The more you shop, the more cashback money you can earn back in your Yajny account with Mikyajy KSA so that you can use it later according to your preferences. Take advantage of Mikyajy KSA cashback and save up to 5.25% on your in-store purchases, exclusively through Yajny!

Mikyajy KSA cashback is a promotional service provided by the store to help customers save up on their purchases so that they can buy more for less. It is available exclusively through and can be utilized through a series of specific steps: 

Steps to use Mikyajy KSA cashback: 

  1. Open, then you can register to the website using your email account, Facebook account, or Gmail account.
  2. Once you sign in to the website for the first time, a welcome bonus will be automatically added to your account by Yajny.
  3. From Yajny's home page, you can go directly to Mikyajy KSA's store page, or you can find it in the "All Stores" section of the website.
  4. On the Mikyajy KSA store page on Yajny, you'll find the available cashback categories for Mikyajy KSA cashback with an attached 'shop now' button.
  5. Once you press on the 'Shop Now' button, you will be automatically transferred to Mikyajy KSA website so you can start shopping. It may take a few seconds to fully load and transfer you, just make sure to stay on the same page so you are able to benefit from the cashback offer.
  6. Once you are transferred, through Yajny, you have to make sure that your shopping cart is empty to ensure that your cashback percentage is calculated accurately.
  7. Pick out the items you would like to purchase, add them to your shopping cart, and when you are done, proceed to checkout.
  8. The cashback percentage you have been promised will be added to your Yajny account when the order is confirmed by the store.
  9. You will be able to withdraw your earned cashback using one of the numerous methods listed on the terms & conditions page.

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