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HostGator is a technical company specialized in web hosting and domain naming with a huge experience in its field. It provides all kinds of services relevant to websites, and blogs, basically an all-round IT services platform. 

 HostGator started in a dorm room on Florida University in 2002 on the hands of Brent Oxley and has since grown to be one of the world-leading web-hosting platforms. Now, the company's headquartered in Houston and Austin, Texas, and has several international offices through the Globe. 

 All you need to do to have easy access to all of HostGator's world-class technical services is sign up to the website. 

HostGator's easy user-interface, flexible user-experience, versatile payment methods, and regular offers, you will have the ability to enjoy all of HostGator's technical services for lower prices and without having to worry about any hassles or troubles.

HostGator seeks to achieve convenience for its clients, which is why it offers promotional services to help customers save up on their HostGator purchases. One of those services is the HostGator cashback which gives customers a cashback percentage on the total sum of their purchases, so the more they purchase, the more money they earn back.

More about HostGator

Back on February 1st, 2003, HostGator had only 122 active clients. One year later on the same exact day, HostGator had 1,031 active clients. And seeing how Canada is one of the most leading countries is this field, it was natural for HostGator to open its first international office in Canada in 2006. 

Shortly after, in November 2006, the brand's 2000-square-feet office spaces moved to a 25,000-square-feet office building in Houston, Texas where 40 out the 50 Florida employees moved along with the company, and ever since then, HostGator has stood its ground there. 

On May 4th, 2007, HostGator published its very first blog-post titled "Welcome to Gator Grossing", and to this day, "Gator Grossing" remains the official name for HostGator's blog. 

In order to further expand internationally, HostGator opened another branch office in Florianópolis, Santa Catrina, Brazil, giving the brand the opportunity to leave its first mark on a completely new territory opening its very first HostGator office below Ecuador.  

HostGator reached its first 100,000 clients by the middle of 2008, and by September 2009, it had reached its next 100,000 clients. 

After HostGator's first office grew big, the company went back to the west and opened another office in 2010 in Osten, Texas with a 100,000-square-feet space. 

As of February 2011, HostGator officially had 500 employees running its operation and has continued to grow in man-power since then.

On June 21st, 2012, Print Oxley announced that HostGator was overtaken by the Endurance International Group. In 2012. HostGator was especially focused on enhancing its accessibility worldwide which is why they threw local Chinese shows for the brand's Chinese client base, and in Russian for their Russian clients. And in 2015, the Spanish version of HostGator was optimized and '' was launched to meet the needs of the brand's clients in Mexico.

Yajny & HostGator Partnership

Yajny partnered up with HostGator to help make your Web Hosting haunt as easy and affordable as possible. To do so, you have been exclusively offered the HostGator Cashback service through Yajny so you can get back some of the money you spent and reuse it for later purchases. Enjoy more of HostGator's special and unique services and save money by using HostGator cashback service which is available to you exclusively through

The HostGator cashback is a promotional service that gives you the ability to retrieve a sum of the money you spent shopping on the HostGator online store and you can exclusively enjoy it through

HostGator cashback works as a motivational service that encourages users to shop online through providing them with the most efficient and cost-effective shopping experience possible by offering them the possibility of earning back some of the money you spent in your Yajny account so you can use it in future purchases or withdraw it in cash.

To make the best out of this service, here is a step-by-step explanation of how HostGator cashback works: 

How does the HostGator cashback work? 

  1. Open, on the home page, you will be asked to register to the website using your Facebook account, email account, or Gmail account. 
  2. After you sign in to the website for the first time, Yajny will automatically add a welcome bonus to your wallet.
  3. Find the HostGator store page on Yajny whether in the "All Stores" section on the website or through the Yajny search bar.
  4. On the HostGator store page, you will find the available HostGator cashback categories on Yajnh with an attached 'Shop Now' button.
  5. Once you click on the 'Shop Now' button, Yajny will then transfer you to the HostGator site.
  6. To transfer you to the HostGator website, Yajny will redirect you using a tracking page that will track your purchases to be able to calculate your cashback percentage.
  7. You don't need to worry about any personal information or data, because this page only tracks your purchases to calculate the cashback amount you will get
  8. Therefore, once you are transferred, make sure to stay on the same page so you don't lose your shot at the cashback money. You will also have to make sure that your shopping cart is empty to ensure that your cashback percentage is calculated accurately.
  9. Once you have finished your browsing and purchasing, proceed to checkout as usual from the same page Yajny transferred you to. 
  10. The cashback percentage you have been promised will be added to your Yajny account when the order is confirmed by the store.
  11. You will be able to withdraw your earned cashback using one of the numerous methods listed in Yajny's terms & conditions page.
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