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H&M Egypt
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Buying from H&M Egypt's application will stop you from getting cashback, Please make sure you buy from the website.
Using any coupons will stop you from receiving cashback.


  • SALE: Up To 70% OFF on Selected Items

    Up to 10%



H&M is a Swedish multinational clothing retail company that was founded in 1947 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. H&M came officially to Egypt in 2008 and that is when the H&M EG store came to light. H&M EG creates men, women, teenagers, and children's fashion and clothing. Only recently did H&M built a new brand that became one of its own companies and called it H&M Home for home decorations and accessories. 

H&M was one of the leading fashion companies to adopt the online shopping system and the service became available since 1998. Moreover, since H&M created its website in the early 90s the brand has always maintained a strong and presentable online presence up until this minute. Shopping from H&M EG online platform comes with three main benefits; Free delivery for orders above a certain amount. Easily return for items or exchange them from any offline store, and Click and collect service which means that you can place an order online and have it delivered to any H&M Egypt branch of your choice to be collected by your side later with no extra fees. 

H&M Egypt is one of the top brands that are well known for their continuous offers, discounts, coupon codes, and sale. H&M Egypt cashback is an add on for all of the previous deals. Using the cashback deals brought to you exclusively by Yajny means that you will get to enjoy all of H&M Egypt existing discounts and still earn back a percentage of the money you paid while shopping. You can also use H&M Egypt coupon code from Yajny to get exclusive discounts.

Besides the already existing discounts and offers from H&M Egypt, the cashback service offered to you exclusively by Yajny is the thing that tops this up and gives you back some money. H&M Egypt cashback makes you earn a percentage of the amount of money you pay when you shop through Yajny.

H&M Egypt Coupon Code:

Get ready because you are about to save more money and be more engaged with the online shopping community when you never miss any deal, offer, discount, sale, promo code, or discount code. Thanks to Yajny, you will always find an updated section on H&M Egypt's store page with all the latest promotions and codes. You will need nothing but to follow the steps below and enjoy better shopping choices and a cost-effective shopping experience.

More About H&M Egypt:

As one of the most valuable global brands, H&M chose its mission to be creating and providing sustainable and good-quality fashion that can be accessible to as many people as possible. And this is a long term plan that is yet to be achieved by H&M even though it is now operating in 74 countries with 5,000 stores around the world. That is what explains every action the brand took from its very beginning, from engaging in the online shopping world when no one else did and it was too early to the ongoing offers and discount deals.

H&M designs have always been the thing that distinguishes it from all the other competitors in this market. Its creations and collections are usually very well received by the audiences and customers all over the world and in each country separately. Due to the store's long experience and years with online shopping, its website understands the customer's behavior very well and offers every user what he needs. The platform is divided into several sections with collections matching all various tastes, you will find the ladies Section, men Section, kids Section, divided Section, H&M Home, and sale.

Yajny and H&M Egypt Partnership:

The partnership between and H&M EG is what makes all the previous possible. It offers you a cost-effective online shopping experience that you can't miss. Shop now at H&M Egypt and get up to 6% cashback when you use H&M Egypt cashback deals through Yajny. Use HM Egypt code to get exclusive discounts. Shop now!

Making money out of every time you shop online through H&M Egypt is what H&M Egypt cashback is all about. Yajny is offering you the best way to have a satisfying online shopping experience by getting back a percentage of the money you paid. This is not only for once, it is a lifetime agreement that is continuously renewed, and here is how to get it working. 

Steps to use H&M Egypt cashback

1. Start with visiting and creating an account using your existing Facebook account, your Gmail, or any other email address.

2. Sign in for the first time to earn your bonus as a welcoming gift from Yajny. For further details about our welcome bonus, head to our "Terms and Conditions" page.

3. Find your wanted store "H&M Egypt" using our search bar or the "All Stores" page on the website. Double-check that you chose "H&M Egypt" and not another country in order to find the deals and offers that are applicable to Egypt. 

4. When you reach the store's page, you will find all the latest deals, discounts, coupon codes, and cashback categories available for H&M Egypt and a lot more information about the store. Pick the category that works best for you, then click "Shop Now".

5. After being directed to the H&M Egypt's official website, keep using the link that used to open the website for you. That link is already programmed to calculate your cashback percentage and add the money automatically to your account when you checkout. Also, make sure that your shopping cart is empty before you start shopping so you can benefit from the cashback percentage.

6. Go through all the different categories on H&M Egypt's website and enjoy your shopping tour. Add all the chosen items to your shopping cart by clicking "Add to Cart".

7. When your cart is full, click on its icon to be transferred to the page where you can double-check your order and proceed to the checkout.

8. H&M Egypt will ask you to sign up or sign in if you already have an account so, do that and move forward.

9. Fill in all the needed information for you to receive your order either you pick the delivery service or the click and collect service. Then, choose the best way to pay and proceed to checkout. 

10. Your cashback money will be added automatically to your account on Yajny after H&M Egypt confirms you didn't cancel or return the order. You will be able to use the H&M Egypt cashback money after receiving your package and the store confirms it. For further information about the timings and regulations, kindly visit the "Terms and Conditions" page on

How to Use H&M Egypt Coupon Code

Apart from making money out of online shopping, you can also save money whenever you choose to shop from H&M Egypt by usinh HM Egypt code.

Here is how to apply the H&M Egypt coupon code.

Steps to use H&M Egypt Coupon Code

1. Visit our website  or use our official application "Yajny" from Google Play or Apple Store depends on your operating system. You will not need to register or create an account. 

2. Pick “All Stores” from the different partitions on our website to get to "H&M Egypt" or you can just type the name in the search bar and hit enter.

3. You will now be redirected to the store's page where you will find an introduction about the store and its available and latest coupon codes and discounts. Pick the most suitable HM Egypt code that works for you and click "Shop Now".

4. A window will be opened with the code to transfer you to H&M Egypt's official website within seconds. Click on “Copy” button to copy the code and open the store’s website.

5. After reaching H&M Egypt's website, you can start your shopping tour through the different website categories and check its latest promotions. Choose the products you want to purchase and add them to the cart by clicking "Add to Cart".

6. When you are done shopping, press on the cart's icon to be directed to the shopping cart where you can check your order, edit the quantities, and proceed to checkout.

7. On the shopping cart's page, double-check your order, add your shipping address, and then click "Checkout".

8. Fill in all the needed data for your chosen payment method and paste the copied HM Egypt code into its available slot. Finally, confirm all the details.

9. Your discount will be added to your order's total amount and you will be able to see the cost before and after.

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