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Fly Dubai Cashback Offers and Deals

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FlyDubai Cashback

The FlyDubai cashback service offered to you exclusively by Yajny.com will let you enjoy affordable flights and get your money back by earning a percentage of the ticket's price each time you book a flight

More About FlyDubai:

FlyDubai's initial goal was to take more people to more places, more often. The company continued its growth and evolution journey until it reached over 70 million passengers which make FlyDubai the second-largest carrier, by passenger numbers, operating out of Dubai International Airport.

As stated earlier, FlyDubai connects more than 90 destinations having routes across Africa, Europe, Central Asia, the GCC region, the Middle East, and India. The company is not only aiming to expand its flight network and add many more cities to its road map with the motto of "We’re opening up the world; Go explore it" but is also working on making its journeys as efficient as possible, with more regular flights, more direct routes, and more comfortable inflight options.

FlyDubai continues to invest in its greatest asset, which is the team members. The company currently has more than 4,000 employees from 128 countries.

Onboard a FlyDubai aircraft, you will enjoy a personal, professional, and friendly service from its crew. You will be able to choose a delicious meal from an internationally-inspired menu for flights that last more than 90 minutes. As for the shorter journeys, lighter cold meals are usually served.

FlyDubai website provides users with various options, you can explore the routes, check the available offers, book your flight, check-in, go through the previous onboard passengers' experiences, and have all your questions answered in the FAQs section. Besides the online booking through the website, you can use FlyDubai official application or contact its online customer center.

Yajny and FlyDubai Partnership:

The partnership between the two entities; Yajny and FlyDubai is aiming at the online shopper's best interest. It creates year-long cashback deals and discount offers to bring each customer a more cost-effective shopping experience. 

How to Use FlyDubai Cashback?

FlyDubai cashback is an exclusive service provided by the airline in cooperation with Yajny website, and it is among its promotional plans to save on travelers, if you want to know the steps for using FlyDubai cashback, follow the instructions below:

Steps to use FlyDubai cashback:

  1. Create your new account on Yajny.com using your Facebook existing account, your Gmail, or any other email address.
  2. When you sign in for the first time, you will automatically earn a cash amount as a welcoming gift from Yajny. This amount will be available for your usage after completing your first online purchase through Yajny. For further details, visit the "Terms and Conditions" page.
  3. Use the search bar to find "FlyDubai" or you can find it in the "All Stores" page on the website.
  4. On the company's page, you can choose between all the cashback categories available and get to know more about FlyDubai, its services, and cashback offers. Pick the best cashback category for you from the available ones then click "Shop Now".
  5. You will now be directed to FlyDubai's official website through Yajny. keep using the same link Yajny.com used to transfer you to the website in the first place. This link is previously set to calculate your cashback percentage and add the money automatically to your account once you checkout. Otherwise, FlyDubai cashback service won't work efficiently.
  6. Finish up your flight booking by creating an account and registering. Then start adding all the needed data such as the date and time and hit the search button for the best results.
  7. Fill in your personal information along with the payment details and then press "Book Now".
  8. Congratulation! You've now booked your next flight. Get ready for your trip.
  9. Your cashback money will be added automatically to your account on Yajny after FlyDubai confirms you didn't cancel the booking. You will be able to use the money shortly after enjoying the service and the confirmation of the platform that you did. For further details about the timings and regulations, kindly go to the "Terms and Conditions" page on Yajny.com.

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