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Black Shark cashback

Black Shark cashback service works in that it takes a percentage out of the total amount of money you spent and adds it back to your account on Yajny so you can use it again in any future purchases or withdraw it in cash if you want. And the more you buy, the higher the cashback percentage you get. 

More about Black Shark

Black Shark as a company has a strong belief that mobile gaming is the future, it is just in need to be backed up by the right people and the right mindset. And this is the role Black Shark tries to play through vitalizing the gaming industry with unprecedented innovation as the first smartphone brand in the world that introduces liquid-cooling  for professional performance, in addition to a dedicated image processing chip for immaculate visuals.

This all comes within the frame of Black Shark's consistent efforts to not only create the world's most powerful gaming phone, but also an incredible community of gamers worldwide. This goal is why Black Shark works to support the esports, online gaming, and streaming communities, because they have a strong belief that gaming has an unmatched ability to bring people together regardless of their differences. 

To become a part of this unified community, all you have to do is visit Black Shark website and enjoy a cutting-edge one-of-a-kind online shopping experience with several shopping options and flexible payment methods. 

Yajny & Black Shark Partnership 

Yajny has partnered up with Black Shark to help make every gamer's life a whole a lot easier through offering them some irresistible shopping options and solutions such as Black Shark cashback to help them save up on all their Black Shark purchases. The best prices and deals are with Black Shark cashback. Get Black Shark Cashback from Yajny and save up to 1.25% from your orders. Shop now! 

How to use Black Shark cashback?

Black Shar cashback is a sort of a promotional service that grants you the ability to earn back a sum of the money you paid while shopping for Black Shark's products or services. You can exclusively enjoy this service through Yajny.com thanks to the partnership between Black Shark and Yajny. .

Yajny and Black Shark exclusively offer you this service to help you get your hands on the gaming smartphone of your dreams with the least cost possible, and isn't that every gamer's dream? 

To make the best out of this service, here is a detailed step-by-step explanation of how Black Shark cashback works: 

How does Black Shark cashback work?

  1. Register to Yajny.com with your Facebook account, your email, or your Gmail account.
  2. After signing in for the first time, Yajny will add your account a welcome bonus that you can withdraw it later in cash. 
  3. Find Black Shark store page in the "All Stores" section of Yajny or using the website's search bar. 
  4. On the store page, you will find that Yajny has categorized Black Shark's products into different categories, read the description of each one of them to find the one that suits you the most.
  5. Once you choose a category, click on "Shop Now" button and you will be automatically transferred to Black Shark official website.
  6. To transfer you, Yajny will redirect you using a tracking page to track your purchases so that it can calculate your cashback money.
  7. So, after being transferred, make sure to stay on that same page so you don't lose your chance at the cashback money. Also make sure that your shopping cart is empty before starting shopping. 
  8. There is no need to worry about any personal information or data being leaked, because this page tracks only your shopping actions to calculate the cashback percentage you earned.
  9. Once you have finished your shopping, proceed to checkout.
  10. Now your cashback money will be added to your Yajny account. Once the store confirms your order, you will be able to withdraw it in cash via any of Yajny's cash-out payment methods. 

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Black Shark
1.25% Cashback