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Baby Shop
Up to 9.6%

The Latest Baby Shop Cashback Deals and Promo Codes

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Cashback Categories

New Customer

Up to 9.6% Cashback

For customers in Saudi Arabia

New Customer

Up to 8% Cashback

For customers in UAE

Existing Customer

Up to 6.4% Cashback

For customers in Saudi Arabia

Existing Customer

Up to 4.8% Cashback

For customers in UAE

Babyshop Cashback

The Babyshop cashback service offered to you exclusively by Yajny.com all year long is what brings you money out of each online purchase. A percentage of the money you pay will be returned back to you in cash when you use Yajny to get Babyshop cashback service. 

More About Babyshop:

Babyshop has got all the baby and kid-related international brands, all collected under just one roof to make it much easier for every mother and create unforgettable shopping experiences for them and their children. 

In 2005, Babyshop launched the "Child Safety Awareness" campaigns as a part of its company's CRS (Corporate Social Responsibility). Based on lots of research, surveys, and studies Babyshop started analyzing the top main high-risk situations for babies, toddlers, and kids either it's indoors or outdoors and as a result, the store starting designing and creating special equipment and products to be used as solutions for these high-risk situations. 

Babyshop online platform has four main sections which are; "Clothing" for baby's fashion, "Baby Gear" for everything related to baby movements such as strollers, carriers, car seats, travel cots, and so on, then comes "Nursery and Feeding" section dedicated to mother-related products and the "Toys" partition for baby entertainment products.  

Yajny and Babyshop Partnership:

The partnership between Yajny and Babyshop aims to provide all the online shoppers out there with the most cost-effective online shopping experience that they can get.

How to Use Babyshop Cashback

Babyshop store gets how occupied a mother can be and how little time she gets and that is why the store encourages the online shopping to ease the process for all the moms and make them enjoy the experience from the comfort of their homes. 

As a result, the Babyshop platform is simply designed to be very clear and user friendly to go through and quickly and easily shop for everything you need. 

Through these steps, we will illustrate how to use Babyshop cashback service. 

Steps to use Babyshop cashback: 

1. Go to our website Yajny.com and create a new account. You can do so either using your existing Facebook account, your Gmail, or any other email address you have.

2. Signing in for the first time lets you earn your first cash amount as a welcome gift from Yajny.com. For further details about the welcome bonus, visit our "Terms and Conditions" page.

3. You can find "Babyshop" store through the website's search bar or in the "All Stores" page on the website. 

4. Yajny will transfer you to the store's page where you will find all the latest cashback categories available for Babyshop stores. Pick the one category that works best for you, then click "Shop Now".

5. You will be directed now to Babyshop's official website using a specific link, keep using that same link in order for the cashback percentage to be calculated and added to your account automatically. Otherwise, the service won't work correctly.

6. You need to make sure that your shopping cart is empty before starting your shopping tour on the website. Pick your products and add them to the cart by clicking "Add to Cart".

7. When you finish shopping, click on the cart's icon to be directed to the shopping cart where you can check your order, edit the quantities, and proceed to checkout.

8. On the checkout page, fill in the required data for your delivery and payment and then confirm your order. 

9. You now made your first cashback amount out of this purchase. The cashback money will be added automatically to your account on Yajny after the store confirms you didn't cancel or return the order. You will be able to use the money shortly after receiving your order and the store confirms it. For further information about the timings and regulations, kindly go to the "Terms and Conditions" page on Yajny.com.

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Baby Shop
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