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Pottery Barn is a leading American home furniture store chain and e-commerce platform. It has retail stores all over the United States of America, and in Canada and Australia. Since its opening in 1949, Pottery Barn has been dominating its field thanks to its extremely well-designed merchandise and fairly reasonable prices. 

To become more accessible to its global audience, Pottery Barn comes out with various sets of different offers, deals, and promotions that make their world-class quality products more affordable to all of their customers worldwide. One of the most efficient of those deals is the Pottery Barn cashback service which Yajny exclusively offers. 

The Pottery Barn cashback service is a shopping solution that the global brand offers its customers for more affordable homeware shopping. The pottery Barn cashback lets the shopper retrieve a percentage of the total amount of money they spent shopping in their Yajny accounts. This cashback percentage is automatically increased with your purchases. Meaning the more purchases you initially make, the more cashback money you'll later get. 

More about Pottery Barn

Founded in Manhattan in 1949, Pottery Barn has established a respectable place for its brand thanks to the unmatched value the store offered its customers on fashionable homewares. Over the years, Pottery Barn's audience just kept getting bigger and bigger as they started to branch out both in stores and with an online platform. 

Over recent years, Pottery Barn has started to heavily focus on innovating their own unique designs, offering top-notch quality and service to their loyal customers, and creating enduring products. The brand's in-house designers develop almost every single piece of furniture themselves and oversee every aspect of the development and production process. 

The brand's well-trained team of professionals carefully select durable and strong materials that stand the test of time, such as solid wood and metals. Pottery Barn also collaborates with leading manufacturers in the fabric industry to make sure all the fabric included in their designs and production is long-lasting and of high quality. 

Because Pottery Barn cares about providing its customers with a complete experience, not just a few products, they offer their customers free advice from their brand specialists in-store. That's not all, Pottery Barn's designers also make in-home visits to take measurements, discuss color options, and give the customer advice on how to style their space. 

One of the main reasons for that grand success Pottery Barn was able to achieve was the efforts they put in their endless pursuit of customer satisfaction. An example of these efforts is the offers, deals, and shopping solutions they offer their customers to make their products more affordable, such as the Pottery Barn cashback service which Pottery Barn offers through 

Yajny & Pottery Barn Partnership 

Yajny and Pottery Barn have collaborated to offer you the Pottery Bran cashback service to help you achieve the best and most efficient shopping experience possible. All you'll need to do to achieve that is shop from Pottery Barn through, and you'll be granted your exclusive access to the exclusive money-saving Pottery Barn cashback service. Enjoy shopping with the exclusive Pottery Barn cashback service and save up to 4% on all your purchases from the store, only through Yajny.

Pottery Barn cares about keeping their customers happy and satisfied with the services and products they are offered. This has always been the case thanks to Pottery Barn's impeccable quality and unique designs. However, the American empire went the extra mile aiming to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. 

To make that happen, Pottery Barn comes up with creative ways to make their top quality products more affordable to their wide range of customers. One of those ways is to collaborate with to provide its customers with the Pottery Barn cashback service which lets the shopper retrieve a sum of their money back after they complete their Pottery Barn purchases. 

This service is exclusively available through and can be utilized through the following few steps:  

How does Pottery Barn cashback service work? 

  1. First of all, you'll need to register to with either your Facebook account, Gmail account, or email account.
  2. Once you log into Yajny for the first time, you will automatically get a welcome bonus added to your Yajny wallet.
  3. After that, you'll be able to head to the Pottery Barn store page on Yajny which you can find in the 'All Stores' section of the website or by writing 'Pottery Barn' in the Yajny search bar.
  4. On the Pottery Barn store page, you will find the currently available Pottery Barn cashback category with an attached 'Shop Now' button, click on it to get redirected to the Pottery Barn website so you can start shopping.
  5. To redirect you, Yajny uses a tracking link through which Yajny can track your purchases in order to calculate your cashback percentage accordingly.
  6. This tracking page/link does not have any access whatsoever to any of your personal data or private information, it only tracks the purchases you make to be able to calculate your deserved cashback percentage accordingly.
  7. Therefore, it is very important that when you are transferred from Yajny to Pottery Barn's e-commerce platform, you make sure not to close the page Yajny transferred you to so that Yajny can track your purchases.
  8. Also, you will need to make sure that your Pottery Barn shopping cart is empty when Yajny transfers you to their website in order for your cashback percentage to be calculated accurately and according to the new purchases you will make through Yajny.
  9. Now you can start your shopping process by picking out all the items that you would like to purchase and adding them to your Pottery Barn shopping cart.
  10. When you are done with your shopping, proceed to check out as you usually would.
  11. After checking out, the cashback percentage you have been promised will be added to your Yajny account when the order is confirmed by the store.
  12. You will have the ability to withdraw your earned cashback using one of the numerous methods listed in the terms & conditions page.

Special Terms: Users have to visit the Pottery Barn website through the tracking link on this page or the homepage to receive cashback on their transactions. Using Pottery Barn promo codes or Pottery Barn coupon codes without clicking on the tracking link will get the user a discount but not cashback.

Getting Cashback: Your due Cashback will be automatically added to your Yajny account pending confirmation from Pottery Barn that the order has not been refunded or returned. The cashback tracking link works only through the store website, not the mobile application.

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