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OSN is a leading broadcast and streaming international network that manages a huge deal of the world’s entertainment video content through its network. OSN has a coverage spanning over 17 countries in the MENA region. OSN is owned and operated by Panther Media Group registered in the DIFC and with two shareholders, KIPCO and Resources Group Limited.

OSN has a long history of providing exceptional value to customers through its focus on exclusive and high-quality content, besides the powerful effect of its innovative digital platforms everywhere and at any time.

OSN Kuwait offers seasonal and regular offers aimed to help customers save more on the value of their spendings in exchange for receiving the exclusive program streaming of the media group. Through its solutions to save customers, OSN Kuwait offers promotional options for financial payments in exchange for the program service, one of these solutions, which is in the interest of everyone, is the cashback deals; The exclusive OSN Kuwait cashback from for shopping offers, a service that deposites a financial balance in your account as a customer as a deductible financial percentage from the amount of your the financial payment you made in exchange of receiving OSN Kuwait satellite content. This service provides a saving on the financial value that is fully paid, while it maintains a financial balance in your account which helps you through withdrawal later on according to the easy cash out rules of Yajny.

OSN Kuwait cashback service is an exclusive promotional service provided by Yajny for shopping offers in cooperation with OSN Kuwait, through which you will get more cashback credit in your account by increasing your spendings on OSN Kuwait services. Simply the more you spend, the more cashback you will get in your account. The service revolves around deducting a financial percentage of 3.5$ from the amount of each transaction you make on the OSN website in order to receive its services, this percentage will return to you and be added to your online balance. This service is considered the tangible meaning of “fun-to-spend”, as long as you spend more, your account will have an increased balance to serve you whenever you do not have money in your wallet, so you use the cashback balance deposited in your e-wallet and find an easy solution to the situation.

More About OSN Kuwait:

OSN's strength lies in its unbeatable range of exclusive streaming and best-in-class entertainment content, led by its long-standing partnerships with major studio companies including Disney, HBO, NBC Universal, Fox, Paramount, MGM, and Sony, only to name a few.

OSN is home to premium content that is not found anywhere else and is streamed in Arabic, English, and Filipino languages. OSN streams the latest real-time content in the US, including blockbuster series and box-office hits, as well as kids' and lifestyle programs. OSN also provides entertainment content for laptops, tablets, and mobile phones through its online app entertainment platform, offering movies and series for watching on the go.

OSN takes its position at the forefront of digital technological innovation in the Middle East, offering OSN on Demand, the first service to watch programs on demand. OSN aspires to offer entertainment content everywhere and for everyone, and this is guided by the company's three main pillars; An approach that takes customer service first, offering exclusive content that is unparalleled, and contains unmatched value.

OSN is one of the pioneers in media programming in the region, with an authentic charter that never compromises on quality and respect for the viewer in the MENA region. OSN offers a variety of programs that follow strict standards that serve the viewer and provide the best entertainment and cultural material in terms of quality and effectiveness.

Throughout its history, OSN has been a true expression of media with its professional perspective, and the company never ceases to achieve idealism in terms of inclusiveness and cultural diversity. Through its professional cadres selected according to the highest standards of capabilities, the company provides a first-level program package that matches the international level.

Yajny And OSN Kuwait Partnership:

The cooperation between Yajny for shopping offers platform, and OSN Kuwait aims to achieve a quality and cost-effective service for the OSN network customers. Through OSN Kuwait cashback, our platform provides a promotional solution, which is to benefit from a retrieval of a percentage of each online spending on the OSN network services that is added back to your own Yajny account, then you can use the money through any of our withdrawal methods. Enjoy the exclusive OSN Kuwait cashback now and get back 3.5$ every time you pay through Yajny.

Benefit exclusively through and enjoy a financial balance deposited in your account for every payment you make on OSN Kuwait to get its entertainment content and streaming material. This balance serves you as a money-saving feature, while it is an exclusive pleasure to shop online. Cashback is not available in traditional shopping ways, it is exclusively available for online shopping, so we support your online shopping and give you exclusive services available only through our website.

If you want to know how to get the best out of this cashback service resulting from the cooperation between Yajny and OSN Kuwait, read the following instructions:

Steps to Use OSN Kuwait Cashback:

  1. Open the website and log in using your Gmail email, your Facebook account, or any other email account you have. You can also register using the official Yajny app that you can download for free from Google Play and the Apple Store.
  2. Once you register for the first time, you will automatically get a financial welcome gift that will be added directly to your personal account. About the possibility of benefiting from the welcome bonus, you can visit the Terms and Conditions page.
  3. Visit the "All Stores" section to find an OSN Kuwait store or you can find it by searching using the name in the search bar.
  4. Upon entering the store page, review the currently available cashback categories and choose the most appropriate category for you, and then click "Shop Now".
  5. will now direct you to the OSN Kuwait website to start shopping. You have to make sure that you continue using the same link in order to benefit from OSN Kuwait cashback service. Yajny will track your payments via this link and then calculate the percentage of cashback earned accordingly.
  6. When you arrive at OSN Kuwait, make sure that your shopping cart is not filled with items, before adding your new orders, so that your cashback percentage is calculated accurately.
  7. You can now make your subscriptions as usual and fill in your cart by clicking "Add to Bag".
  8. Once completed, you can head to the shopping cart to double check your orders and complete the payment. Fill in the required details then hit “Confirm”.
  9. Immediately after that, the cashback percentage that you got based on this request will be deposited into your Yajny account when OSN Kuwait confirms that you have not canceled or returned the payment. For more information on how to withdraw cashback from OSN Kuwait, you need to visit the "Terms and Conditions" page on

Special Terms: Users have to visit the OSN Kuwait website through the tracking link on this page or the homepage to receive cashback on their transactions. Using OSN Kuwait promo codes or OSN Kuwait coupon codes without clicking on the tracking link will get the user a discount but not cashback.

Getting Cashback: Your due Cashback will be automatically added to your Yajny account pending confirmation from OSN Kuwait that the order has not been refunded or returned. The cashback tracking link works only through the OSN Kuwait website not the mobile application.

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