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LuckyVitamin was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, United States. For those leading active, healthful lives LuckyVitamin is the inspirational and supportive source for products and knowledge dedicated to helping everyone on their journey towards happy wellness. LuckyVitamin is aiming to spread wellness. It started with one family seeking to live a healthier life. Then, for over three generations LuckyVitamin has been dedicated to helping people lead healthy lives. It started in a pharmacy, transformed into a dynamic health foods store, and then exploded into an online movement.

At LuckyVitamin, they look at health holistically, knowing that the journey to happy wellness is incredibly individualized. It’s more than remembering to take your vitamins, it’s having access to a variety of affordable, natural products as well as getting the support you need to put them to good use, no matter your diet or health goals. LuckyVitamin mission is to be your go-to source for natural products and knowledge, supporting your journey toward happy wellness. LuckyVitamin is a lot more than just vitamins.

Yajny is willing to be part of your journey towards wellness with LuckyVitamin. Each time you buy any of LuckyVitamin's products online, Yajny will return back to you a percentage of the total amount of the money you paid through the exclusive service of LuckyVitamin cashback.

LuckyVitamin cashback is your way to get encouraged to live a more healthy life. This service is an exclusive service for Yajny's customers, it will return back a percentage of any amount they pay online to get any of LuckyVitamin's products. The amount of money will be directly added to the user's balance in Yajny and this will be done every time you purchase anything from LuckyVitamin so, the more you buy the more money you will get.

More About LuckyVitamin:

A lot has changed over the years, but one thing has stayed the same. LuckyVitamin is here for you. LuckyVitamin is committed to being your supportive partner on your journey to wellness and better health. The online store wants to be the source for products and knowledge, to help you always on your journey. On LuckyVitamin's website, you can shop over 35,000 natural products and explore information and knowledge resources to guide you on your journey.

LuckyVitamin believes that healthy living doesn’t have to cost a fortune, the company thinks that healthy living should be affordable and accessible. When you shop with LuckyVitamin, you can save up to 75% off retail prices because the online store works directly with brands to bring you the best deals. LuckyVitamin offers free shipping, membership savings, rewards for loyal shoppers, monthly deals, and promotions on a number of top brands, plus many other great ways to save.

LuckyVitamin goal is to connect you with the highest quality natural products at the best price. The brand believes in full transparency, carefully curating its selection, and only working with brands that share its high standards. When you shop with LuckyVitamin, you’re getting a product you can trust directly from the brand who made it. LuckyVitamin offers as well more than just products, its blog, Happy Wellness Life, is an original lifestyle publication dedicated to helping health-seekers live their values. The brand's journalists dig deep, gaining insight and advice from industry experts on nutrition, homeopathy, beauty, fitness, and more.

Yajny and LuckyVitamin Partnership:

The collaboration between Yajny and LuckyVitamin is the secret behind exclusive services such as LuckyVitim cashback. The main purpose of such a partnership is to offer you as an online shopper with a more cost-effective online shopping experience. Yajny is aiming to help you save and make more money.

Shopping inside LuckyVitamin is like a dream coming true for everyone who wants to take good care of himself and be in better health and shape. You can simply type any word down and find all the related content, either it is a product, a blog post, a tip, or else. LuckyVitamin's online store is a community filled with people who can truly offer help for those who need it on their journey to wellness.

In the following lines, we will show you how to use our cashback service every time you shop from LuckyVitamin.

Steps to Use LuckyVitamin Cashback:

1. Go to to register first. You can do so using your email account on Gmail or you can use your current Facebook account or any other email address. You can sign up using our application and Yajny's official application is free to download from Google Play and Apple Store.

2. Logging in for the first time automatically grants you cash money as a welcome bonus from Yajny and it will be added directly to your account. For further details about our welcoming gift, kindly visit the "Terms and Conditions" page.

3. You can use the section "All Stores" to find "LuckyVitamin" or you can find it by searching using the store's name in the search bar.

4. Inside the store's page, you will find the currently available cashback categories from which you can pick then click "Shop Now".

5. Yajny will now use a specific link to direct you to LuckyVitamin's online store to start shopping. Make sure you keep using the same link in order for the LuckyVitamin cashback to work by Yajny tracking your purchases and calculating the cashback percentage you earned.

6. When you reach LuckyVitamin's website, make sure your shopping cart is empty before adding the new items to ensure your cashback percentage is calculated accurately.

7. You can start your shopping tour now as usual and fill your cart by clicking "Add to Cart".

8. When you are done, head to the shopping cart by clicking on it to double-check and finalize your order.

9. Fill in all the needed details for the delivery and payment, then press confirm.

10. The cashback percentage that you just earned from this purchase will be added to your Yajny's account when LuckyVitamin confirms you didn't cancel or refund the order. For further details about the LuckyVitamin cashback withdrawal, discount codes, and more, kindly visit the "Terms and Conditions" page on

Special Terms: Users have to visit LuckyVitamin's website through the tracking link on this page or the homepage to receive cashback on their transactions. Using LuckyVitamin promo codes or LuckyVitamin coupon codes without clicking on the tracking link will get the user a discount but not cashback.

Getting Cashback: Your due Cashback will be automatically added to your Yajny account pending confirmation from LuckyVitamin that the order has not been refunded or returned. The cashback tracking link works only through the LuckyVitamin website not the mobile application.

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