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InterServer is a web hosting company that was established in 1999 and is now operating two main data centers located in New Jersey and Los Angeles California, United States of America. The company not only provides web hosting or virtual hosting services worldwide, but it also offers its customers other data services such as Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting or cloud VPS, Quick Servers, Dedicated Servers, and Colocation. InterServer is committed to offering its clients and users the high-quality level of service they look for at affordable prices. The company's core principles have always been quality, service, and support and they have remained the same since it was founded 21 years ago and for the whole time, InterServer's team has been committed to helping clients drive their business and reach their goals. InterServer provides its loyal and current customers with innovative products and other customized services designed to complement their existing businesses.

The company serves over 50,000 customers of various kinds from freelancers and individuals to national and international entities and firms. InterServer takes tremendous pride in its continuous commitment to ensure security, reliability, and technical expertise to each one of those valuable customers. InterServer is even one of the few companies in the field that offers around-the-clock customer support with live representatives available 24/7.

When it comes to saving money, Yajny is your best choice. Shopping for and enjoying InterServer's services through guarantees you earn a percentage of your money back with the exclusive InterServer cashback service. 

InterServer already offers the lowest price for high-quality web hosting in the market. But what if you can get more out of it?! InterServer cashback is Yajny's special gift for you, the service brings back directly into your online balance a percentage of any amount of money you pay online for InterServer's services.

More About InterServer:

InterServer works seriously to make customers get the very best for their websites with the company's cheap but valuable Web Hosting packages. Three main plans are available with different benefits to fit every need and with no extra or hidden charges. InterServer offers the speed and reliability a business needs at a price it can afford with an easy to use control panel, a live chat, a dedicated support team, an online purchase service, and 21 years of experience.

When InterServer talks about digital services and data managing tasks, it means a lot more than just web hosting, it means unlimited domains, easy to use control panels, unlimited storage and transfer, free website migration, global content caching, price lock guarantee, more than 450 Cloud applications, unlimited E-Mail accounts, and SitePad website builder. All of the previous comes with a 30-day guarantee which states that if a client is not fully satisfied with the web hosting plans that he purchase, he can issue a refund within 30 days. In addition to another agreement that ensures the price you sign up for is your guaranteed price for shared hosting services and no high renewal costs as well.

According to InterServer's official website, 70% of their current customers have already migrated from other hosts. Which takes us to the next company's advantage; The Free Migration. It is considered to be one of the most popular features InterServer offers its customers. This service enables customers to seamlessly transfer a website hosted elsewhere, onto their InterServer account with little or no downtime under the supervision of the company's expert staff.

WordPress is one of the world's top blogging applications and is one of the many fields that InterServer is mastering with its professional experts who manage, advise, and maintain success for customers. InterServer promises its clients also ultra-fast speeds for their websites which means that they will load faster than ever thanks for the company's servers that are never overloaded. 

Yajny and InterServer Partnership:

What is in it for you?! Let us tell you that this partnership is all about you, it is made just for you to offer you one of the best online shopping qualities which is cashback. InterServer teamed up with Yajny platforms to make InterServer cashback service possible and available to achieve a much cost-effective shopping experience. 

On InterServer's website, you will never lose your way. The website is professional and user-friendly. There is even a dedicated partition named "Tips" in which you will find tutorials about nearly everything available on the website. All of the company's services are categorized in a way that makes it easier for users to find everything they might need. Not to mention the online 24/7 support and live chat that you can use to ask about anything.

Not similar to the typical online shopping websites, InterServer only offers three main packages and defined services through which you will make your pick and start from there. There is no trial period, however, you can get a coupon code or a discount code for shared hosting packages once you get on the company's website along with a lot of other offers and discounts that InterServer maintains. Nothing is left now but to explain to you exactly in the following lines how to use InterServer cashback service.

Steps to Use InterServer Cashback:

1. Give our website a visit in order to register yourself in. You can create a new account using your Facebook account, your Gmail, or any other email address you have.

2. Once you sign in, you will automatically receive a welcoming gift from Yajny and it will be added to your account's balance on the website. You can get this bonus amount in cash and you will know more about it in our "Terms and Conditions" page.

3. Enter "All Stores" page to find "InterServer" listed as one of our stores or you can find it by searching directly on the website. 

4. On the store's page, you will find all the available InterServer cashback categories. Pick the one that you prefer and click "Shop Now".

5. When you are transferred to the store's official website by Yajny, keep using the same link Yajny used to open the website's page. This link is previously programmed to calculate your purchases and add your cashback money accordingly to your account. Otherwise, InterServer cashback service will not work properly.

6. You will need to sign in or sign up to register on the website before you start shopping. If you already have an InterServer account, make sure that your shopping cart is empty to calculate the cashback percentage correctly for the new purchases you will make through during this visit.

7. Go through the website, read more about each service, and know more about each package. When you are done, make your choice and click "Buy Now".

8. A new window will be opened for you to follow the steps creating your domain name or transferring your website or else. Fill in all the needed data and continue. 

9. After reaching the last step, choose your payment method and then checkout.

10. Your cashback money should now be calculated once the payment is done. You will receive it on your Yajny account once InterServer confirms you got your service and didn't ask for a refund. For further information about the timings and regulations, kindly visit the "Terms and Conditions" page on

Special Terms: Users have to visit the Interserver website through the tracking link on this page or the homepage to receive cashback on their transactions. Using InterServer promo codes or Interserver coupon codes without clicking on the tracking link will get the user a discount but not cashback.

Posting Time: Your due Cashback will be automatically added to your Yajny account pending confirmation from the store that the order has not been refunded or returned. The cashback tracking link works only through the store website, not the mobile application.

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