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Heimdal Security is a Danish technology company founded in 2011. Heimdal offers internet users protection against advanced malware attacks. It is a unified cybersecurity suite for both individuals and businesses. The company is today protecting more than 900,000 users and 6,000 companies from all over the world against cybercriminal actions. 

Heimdal Security's main product is the Thor security system which comes in different versions dedicated to amateurs, professionals, homes, and businesses. The system makes cybersecurity solutions simple and achievable no matter how smart or advanced the virus or attacker can be. Heimdal Security provides its users a 90-day free trial, free VIP support for huge corporations, 24/7 dedicated customer support, free cybersecurity, and remote services availability. Heimdal literally protects what others can't. It keeps devices, applications, information, and browsing data safe. Heimdal is trusted by leading companies from various fields. It is all that you need to completely secure your personal digital life and everything you need to keep your business always one step ahead. 

Yajny teamed up with Heimdal Security in order for all online shoppers and internet users to enjoy the extra benefits of shopping online. Heimdal Security cashback brought to you by Yajny returns back a percentage of any amount you pay in exchange for one of Heimdal's services or products. 

Heimdal Security offers various packages for different kinds of users and purposes while Yajny offers you the enjoyment of whatever service and bundle you need with extra cashback money. A percentage of the price you pay is returned automatically to your account on Yajny every time you purchase online. 

More About Heimdal Security:

Heimdal Security protects users and companies from cyber-criminal actions, by keeping critical information and intellectual property safe. They are considered one of the fastest-growing companies in the cybersecurity industry. The company's most distinguishing trait is not its products or services, it is being focused on user education and how to pass on the Know-How to the internet users in order to stay safe and secure. Heimdal manages to do this through its online blog, videos, free online courses that the company offers, and free resources.

Since 2011, Heimdal has been leading the fight against cybercrime, developing new technologies, and providing intelligence to invest in its intelligence and predictive abilities which makes it stands out between all of its competitors.

Heimdal Security depends on its systems being a highly-proactive online security tool. The company's developers and programers combined ease of use with reliable protection to make data safety effortless for anyone. It provides you the security you can trust as a customer and the proactive protection layer that you need each time you go online. 

Heimdal Security is the winner of the "Most Educational Security Blog" award in 2016 and the winner of the “Anti Malware Solution of the Year” in 2018.

Yajny and Heimdal Security Partnership:

The partnership between Yajny and Heimdal Security is what enables you to shop from Heimdal using and receive back a percentage of the money you pay each time. 

Heimdal Security cashback service saves you financially while shopping, by refunding part of the amount that you pay in each shopping process, and you can withdraw this balance to benefit from it from your Yajny account. If you want to know how to use Heimdal Security cashback, follow the steps below:

Steps to use Heimdal Security cashback:

1. Go to our website and create a new account. You can do so either using your existing Facebook account, your Gmail, or any other email address you have.

2. Signing in for the first time lets you earn your first cash amount as a welcome gift from For further details about the welcome bonus, visit our "Terms and Conditions" page.

3. You can find "Heimdal Security" store through the website's search bar or in the "All Stores" page on the website. 

4. Yajny will transfer you to the store's page where you will find all the latest cashback categories available for Heimdal Security store. Pick the one category that works best for you, then click "Shop Now".

5. You will be directed now to Heimdal Security's official website using a specific link, keep using that same link in order for the cashback percentage to be calculated and added to your account automatically. Otherwise, Heimdal Security cashback won't work correctly.

6. You need to make sure that your shopping cart is empty before starting your shopping tour on the website. Pick your products and add them to the cart by clicking "Add to Cart".

7. When you finish shopping, click on the cart's icon to be directed to the shopping cart where you can check your order, edit it, and proceed to checkout.

8. On the checkout page, fill in the required data for your payment and then confirm your purchase. 

9. You now made your first cashback amount out of this purchase. The cashback money will be added automatically to your account on Yajny after Heimdal Security confirms you didn't cancel or return the order. You will be able to use the money shortly after receiving your service and the store confirms it. For further information about the timings and regulations, kindly go to the "Terms and Conditions" page on

Special Terms: Users have to visit Heimdal Security website through the tracking link on this page or the homepage to receive cashback on their transactions. Using Heimdal Security promo codes or Heimdal Security coupon codes without clicking on the tracking link will get the user a discount but no cashback.

Posting Time: Your due Cashback will be automatically added to your Yajny account pending confirmation from Heimdal Security that the order has not been refunded or returned. The cashback tracking link works only through the store website, not the mobile application.

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