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Stay tuned, new offers can appear. see you soon! is your premier destination for the latest in clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, and accessories for men and women. Numerous deals await at DressLily whether you're looking to complement your outfit with a wig, or find the perfect handbag for the upcoming season. With a wide range of the latest styles and trends, DressLily is the perfect store to find the latest and best new styles at affordable prices.

As mentioned, DressLily is a leading international online clothing and accessories store, with its focus on the latest fashionable styles at affordable prices, both stunning and gorgeous clothing and accessories, DressLily features thousands of the latest product lines, providing an unmatched variety of choices and convenience for shoppers.

Save more on your purchases from the DressLily online shop with exclusive offers like DressLily cashback which lets you recover a sum of the total amount you paid while shopping as cashback balance, only through your account on 

Dresslily store offers promotional deals and financial solutions on a seasonal and regular basis that lets its customers save on their Dresslily shopping sprees. One of the most effective of these offers is the exclusive Dresslily cashback service which is offered exclusively on thanks to the cooperation between Dresslily and Yajny. This cashback service lets you recover a percentage of the total amount you pay while shopping, this cashback percentage is then deposited in your Yajny account so you can withdraw it and benefit from it again however you please. 

More about Dresslily

At Dress Lily, discover the latest in affordable and comfortable fashion for everyday use, including dresses, lingerie, jackets, and knitwear.

You will find thousands of the latest product lines, including high-quality, contemporary clothes that offer effortless elegance, trendy styles, and innovative and creative designs. Browse what's new at to find the latest T-shirts, swimwear, underwear, sportswear, and plus-size clothing, and take advantage of free delivery worldwide. The menswear collection includes shirts, jeans, suits, and t-shirts, while DressLily also sells shoes, bags, jewelry, and accessories such as sunglasses, hats, and scarves.

Check Dresslily's discount section for huge discounts and enjoy the store's reward system where you can earn points when you register, confirm your email, write a review, or buy anything from human hair or synthetic wigs to watches and household items like bedding, towels, and sheets.

Yajny & Dresslily Partnership 

The cooperation between the Yajny platform and the DressLily e-shopping site aims to allow customers to achieve a more effective shopping experience when it comes to cost and quality. Other than the several offers the store provides on their e-commerce platform, you can save extra thanks to their collaboration with Yajny through the exclusive DressLily cashback service which gives you back a sum of the money you pay as cashback balance in your Yajny account. So enjoy the money-saving Dresslily cashback service and save up to 7% on all of your purchases from the store, only through 

The DressLily cashback service is a great way to save money on the products offered on Whenever you pay for any purchases made from the DressLily online shop through, you will get to enjoy the DressLily cashback service which allows you to recover some of the full amount spent on the products of the store.

This service is the result of DressLily's collaboration with, and therefore, it can only be used through the Yajny platform. If you want to be able to take advantage of this money-saving service, follow the instructions below:

Steps to use Dresslily cashback service: 

  1. Upon entering, you will firstly need to register to the website through your email account, Gmail account, or Facebook account.
  2. After signing in to the website for the first time, Yajny will give you a welcome bonus that will be added automatically to your new Yajny account.
  3. Now that you are on Yajny's home page, head directly to the DressLily store page on Yajny which can be found in the 'All Stores' section of the website or by using the Yajny search bar.
  4. Once you are on the DressLily store page, you will be able to see the available cashback category and percentage with an attached 'Shop Now' button.
  5. Press 'Shop Now', and you will be automatically transferred to a tracking page which, in turn, will transfer you to DressLily's store site so you can start shopping. It may take a few seconds to fully load and transfer you, just make sure to stay on the same page so you are able to benefit from the cashback service.
  6. Now that you have been transferred to the DressLily store through Yajny, please make sure your shopping cart is empty to ensure that you receive your cashback accurately.
  7. Now, you can shop as you please and when you are done, proceed to checkout as you usually would.
  8. After checking out, the cashback percentage you have been promised will be added to your Yajny account after your order has been confirmed by the store.
  9. You will have the ability to withdraw your earned cashback using one of the numerous methods listed on Yajny's terms & conditions page.

Special Terms: Users have to visit Dresslily's website through the tracking link on this page or the homepage to receive cashback on their transactions. Using Dresslily promo codes or Dresslily coupon codes without clicking on the tracking link will get the user a discount but not cashback.

Getting Cashback: Your due Cashback will be automatically added to your Yajny account pending confirmation from Dresslily that the order has not been refunded or returned. The cashback tracking link works only through the store website, not the mobile application.

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