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Couturelabs is an all-in-one online store having a wide selection of women's fashion wear. It is tailored out of pure bohemian dresses and designs which promise sustainability, diversity, and integrity with high-quality fashion.

Scarves & Bags 

  1. Pouch 
  2. Backpacks
  3. Clutch
  4. Top Handle 
  5. Square Bags 
  6. Beach
  7. Shopper Bag
  8. Crossbody
  9. Bucket Bags

Women’s Wear 

  1. Dresses 
  2. Blouses
  3. All Arabic Modest Wear

Tips for Successful Shopping On Couturelabs

  1. Shop with a list 
  2. Go to the Couturelabs website via the Yajny website or app to get discounts on all categories.
  3.  Set a budget
  4. Choose quality over quantity.

Discount codes and cashback offers on Couturelabs

Yajny's discount coupons and cashback offer benefit a broad spectrum of clients, particularly females who enjoy wearing a wide selection of clothing. So, the Yajny deals on the Couturelabs website assist in acquiring the most significant number of sales at the lowest costs.

Yajny can reap this goal on Couturelabs in two ways:

Couturelabs discount code 

Yajny provides exclusive discount codes to all Couturelabs customers. So, every shopper can enjoy additional discounts and offers on all categories, Scarves, Bags, Women’s Wear etc.

How to activate the Couturelabs discount code?

  1. Register
    Register to with your Facebook account, email, or Gmail account or download Yajny app for coupons and cashback.
  2. Get bonus
    Once you sign in for the first time, the site will add a bonus to your account’s balance.
  3. Find Couturelabs
    Head to the Couturelabs website on Yajny, which you will find in the “All Stores” section, or use the search bar and type “Couturelabs.”
  4. Copy the code
    You will find the Couturelabs discount code displayed; copy and start browsing the site and searching for your favorite products.
  5. Past the code
    You will be taken to the Couturelabs website to start the shopping, and once you have done and are ready to pay, paste the code you got from Yajny in the specified field and click "Apply" you will be able to see the reduced amount.

Couturelabs Cashback Offers

It's a cashback service offered by Yajny to clients of platforms on its list, such as Couturelabs. The shopper can get a portion of the payment by returning it to his account within 60 days of completing his deal, as well as Couturelabs's discount codes.

How to get the Couturelabs Cashback offer?

  1. Register
    Register to with your Facebook account, email, or Gmail account or download Yajny app for coupons and cashback.
  2. Get bonus
    Once you sign in for the first time, the site will add a bonus to your account’s balance.
  3. Find "Couturelabs"
    You will find Couturelabs's website within the “All Stores” page on the Yajny website, or use the search bar and type “Couturelabs.”
  4. Start shopping
    Copy the discount code from the Couturelabs page on the Yajny website, then go to the Couturelabs website to search for your best products.
  5. Paying off
    Once you complete the purchasing requirements, make sure you complete the payment process without errors to get the cashback offers from Yajny.
  6. Get Couturelabs Cashback
    The agreed amount of money from the Yajny website will be reimbursed to your Yajny account when you confirm the payment. Otherwise, it will be put on hold until the end of the confirmation period for your purchase.
  7. Couturelabs Cashback Confirmation
    Your cashback amount is confirmed,  and you can withdraw it after the grace period for return or exchange has expired as per Couturelabs policy.
  8. Couturelabs Cashback Withdraw
    Now you can withdraw your outstanding cash using one of the many Yajny methods.


To transfer to Couturelabs, Yajny will use a tracking link to track your orders and, in return, calculate your cashback percentage, so once you are assigned, make sure not to close the page yajny transferred you through so you don't lose your cashback privilege.

Enjoy the joyful Ramadan fashion with special discounts from Yajny starting from 10%. 

Couturelabs Eid Al Fitr Offers 2022

Get great looks for Eid at incredible prices only through Yajny coupons and discount codes, which start from 10%.

Couturelabs Eid Al Adha Offers 2022

More beautiful roses and designs that fit the look of Eid Al-Adha. Get it now at reasonable prices only by activating discount codes on Couturelabs.

Couturelabs Black Friday Offers 2022

Amazing Black Friday discounts exceeding 50% and more extra offers and gifts from Yajny.

Couturelabs End Of Year Offers 2022

Amazing discounts and offers on all summer clothes from Quarterlabs and additional discounts from Yajny include 5%, 7%, and 10% at the end of the year.

Couturelabs FAQs

Q1: I have a missing item in my order

A1: For any missing items in your order, please visit the Contact Us section and send us an email with your order number and the missing item's name and number. Our team will look into your request and back to you in 2-3 business days.

Q2: I have received a damaged item

A2: If you receive a damaged item, please arrange for the return of the item through the Order Details page, selecting "Parcel damaged on arrival" as the return reason. Please note that depending on stock, a replacement may not be available, and that defective items may also benefit from a manufacturer's defects warranty.

Q3: How do I search for a specific item?

A3: The search bar allows you to search by brand, keyword, Product ID or description. The bar can be found on the top-left corner of the website.

Special Terms: Users have to visit the Couturelabs website through the tracking link on this page or the homepage to receive cashback on their transactions. Using Couturelabs promo codes or Couturelabs coupon codes without clicking on the tracking link will get the user a discount but not cashback.

Posting Time: Your due Cashback will be automatically added to your Yajny account pending confirmation from the store that the order has not been refunded or returned. The cashback tracking link works only through Couturelabs website not the mobile application.

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