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1Zillion KSA is an online shopping platform for fashion styles based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA. The platform is considered one of the top-performing eCommerce websites in Saudi Arabis, its delivery is fast, the shipping is free, and you can either pay online using your credit card or in cash when your order is delivered. 1Zillion KSA is known for its European fashion styles and designs.

1Zillion KSA is not only focused on fashion, it is dedicated to lifestyle in general. The platform offers women, men, and kids fashion along with accessories, perfumes, home decorations and appliances, and beauty and personal care products. 1Zillion exclusively brings to your doorstep the finest top-notch European qualities for its products at the most affordable prices in the market. The website serves customers in Saudi Arabia to provide them with the best shopping experience and the latest world trends through its wide-ranged collections of products.

Because 1Zillion KSA is striving to offer its customers the best online shopping experience they can get, the platform partnered with to make this goal possible. Yajny is the only exclusive platform in the area where you will get one of the best qualities of online shopping which is the cashback service. 1Zillion cashback makes every shopper earns extra money every time he shops from 1Zillion KSA through Yajny. This is made by calculating the online purchases for customers and granting them a percentage of any amount of money they pay for 1Zillion's products. The cashback money is transferred directly to the customer's Yajny account once his purchase is finalized. In other words, the more you shop, the more money you will make with 1Zillion cashback and Yajny.

For every product on 1Zillion KSA platform, you will find the discount amount or the promotional deal that is applicable to it, and that is the first thing your eyes will catch when you reach the website's home page. What if you can get the advantage of the sale and make even more money?! This is exactly what 1Zillion cashback is offering you. Whenever you shop from 1Zillion through, you will get to take advantage of the available offer and earn money on every purchase you finalize.

More About 1Zillion KSA:

For all customers who would love to stay up to date and on top of the latest fashion trends, 1Zillion is your one-stop-shop and the best destination to do so.

1Zillion KSA thinks every client deserves the best, especially female clients, that is why it is offering its customers the latest fashion and accessories trends for them to be inspired by and to always let them feel like a glamorous star who catches all the attention wherever they go. Through the platform, you will get your hands on the modish and fashionable styles, shoes, bags, accessories, perfumes, and beauty products. The website is daily updated with the freshest new products in the shopping field inspired by classy and chic fashionistas and social media influencers for every millennial girl who deserves to see it first and wear it first.

For more shopping enjoyment, 1Zillion KSA guarantees that its products are hand-picked to make its customers stand out from the crowd by knowing exactly how to help them pamper themselves with its largest collection of fashion, beauty, and healthcare products.

It never stops at that extend, 1Zillion made it its purpose to provide every male customer with his needs for an extraordinary handsome look and feel. The men's department on 1Zillion is created for a comfy, ultra-luxurious, and elegant taste and touch. Whether you’re looking for casual kicks, hippest street style outfits, or hottest sneakers and comfy hoodies, 1Zillion got you covered with its extravagant European styled-products at affordable prices. 1Zillion owns a huge collection of Men’s jeans, shirts, watches, backpacks, sunglasses, and accessories. Not to mention, the latest shaving, grooming, skincare products, and handsomeness kits for the fresh appearance you always wished for.

1Zillion KSA didn't forget about your home space and your little loved ones as well. The platform offers you the newest kids outfits, shoes, and accessories. It also made a dedicated section for mothers and babies besides the home partition for your house needs either its kitchen-related goods or appliances so no family member will ever need to go elsewhere to shop for his or her needs.

Yajny and 1Zillion KSA Partnership:

Shopping online at affordable prices is not a theory or a myth anymore, it is now doable thanks to these kinds of partnerships. The collaboration between Yajny and 1Zillion hands you directly the best benefit of online shopping which is the cashback and the discounts, all to orchestrate the most cost-effective shopping experience you ever had.

1Zillion KSA is always with you whenever you go through its official applications on Google Play and the Apple Store. You are only one click away from getting all that you need and shopping for the whole family from the comfort of your home and through your mobile device. Your best shopping store will never leave your pocket from now on and that is what 1Zillion cares most about.

Through the following lines, get to know more about how to apply the 1Zillion cashback service while shopping.

Steps to Use 1Zillion KSA Cashback:

1. Register to with your Gmail account, your Facebook account, or any other email account you have.

2. Signing in for the first time will grant you your fist cashback money as a welcome gift from Yajny. The amount will automatically be added to your new account and for further details about our welcome bonus, kindly visit the "Terms and Conditions" page.

3. You can find "1Zillion KSA" store listed in our "All Stores" page or you can just use the search bar to find the store by typing down its name.

4. Inside the store's page on Yajny, you'll find all the available cashback categories for 1Zillion KSA store, make sure you read all about the category first before choosing and clicking "shop now".

5. Yajny will now direct you to 1Zillion's official website to start your shopping tour. In order to do that, our website will use a tracking link that is previously programmed to calculate your online purchases to add the correct deserved cashback amount for you. Make sure you keep using the same link and you stay on the same page, or else the 1Zillion cashback will not work.

6. When you reach 1Zillion KSA, take your time to surf the website and choose your products, but first, make sure that your shopping cart is empty for Yajny to be able to calculate your cash amount accurately.

7. Add everything you pick to your shopping cart or as the platform calls it "Mini Cart" by clicking on the "Add" button and when you are done, proceed to checkout.

8. On the checkout page, choose your payment method either it's in cash or via credit card, fill in your address, and add all your contact information then confirm.

9. The cashback money should be calculated by now and it will be added to your Yajny's account balance once 1Zillion KSA confirms that you received your order and didn't refund or return it.

10. You can check our "Terms and Conditions" page to know more about your cashback money and how to get the most out of it.

Special Terms: Users have to visit the 1Zillion KSA website through the tracking link on this page or the homepage to receive cashback on their transactions. Using 1Zillion KSA promo codes or 1Zillion KSA coupon codes without clicking on the tracking link will get the user a discount but not cashback.

Getting Cashback: Your due Cashback will be automatically added to your Yajny account pending confirmation from 1Zillion KSA that the order has not been refunded or returned. The cashback tracking link works only through the store website, not the mobile application.

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