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  • Yajny aims to provide you with the best services to get better prices on your purchases, whether you shop for a service or you simply want to buy a product. When it comes to savings, Yajny cashback is the best service you can have to get the best products with affordable prices. Once you explore the stores from the “stores” tab and you click on “View All Stores” you will find a collection of the best brands from many different categories that cater to all tastes. You can also type the name of your needed store in the search bar and enjoy the endless offers that Yajny presents especially for you. This is how you can find the cashback option, it’s easy isn’t it? You can always explore more offers through the “categories” tab, select the category that you want and explore all the available stores accompanied by the latest offers. Yajny gives you the chance to save more! The more you buy the more money you get! Our offers are not excluded to cashback services and stores’ discounts, you can also enjoy the coupon discount service. You just explore the stores as mentioned above and you will find the coupon code service available.

  • With Yajny, you have the easiest way to save money, the more you shop the more money you get back! Select your store, click on “Shop Now”, but you have to register first in order to be able to shop and get your cashback. Once you register, you can choose any store and when you click on “Shop Now” you will be redirected to the store and start shopping whatever you want, but first, make sure that the cart is empty. After choosing all you needed products, proceed to checkout normally and you will get your cashback according to the percentage mentioned in the store page on Yajny. You will be able to transfer your cashback to your personal bank account or PayPal account and then withdraw it in cash.

    Another way of saving is here for you, Yajny presents a coupon discount service which gives you the option to get a discount on the total of your purchases. Choose your store, click on “Shop” and copy the coupon code, you will be redirected to the store page, shop all the products that you want and at the checkout step just paste the coupon code. Congratulations you got the discount!

  • Here is the biggest surprise, yes, you can enjoy having a percentage of the money you spent back plus the original discount of the store! Enjoy endless discounts and offers with Yajny.

  • Yes it is! You don’t have to pay anything to get access to our cashback service, all you need to do is to register for free to be able to explore and shop. No hidden costs Yajny charges you after making your purchase, you simply get your cashback or promo codes for free.

  • Yajny is a free online shopping platform and mobile application that grants you cashback / credit refund when you shop from the largest and most famous online stores, brands, and eCommerce websites. Cashback means getting back a percentage of the value you paid for your online purchases and it is added directly to your Yajny wallet.

  • Registration to yajny is free and your account remains open and available for usage all the time and without any specified period.

  • Cashback is an amount of money deducted as a percentage of your purchases online. When you shop at any store that offers cashback deals through Yajny, you will get back a percentage of the money that you spent in your account on Yajny. This money amount is added once the purchase and payment is completed. You can benefit from the refunded amount later on by transferring the money to e-wallets, bank accounts, and other ways and you can withdraw it through different payout methods available on Yajny in case they are available in your country.

  • The cashback amount appears once the payment is confirmed, but it may take some time to reflect on your account as "pending" and its status will change to "confirmed" once the store confirms your order. Knowing that, this period of time is not fixed for all stores, but it differs from one store to another and it can be reflected within 10 days. In all cases, you will receive an email from Yajny confirming adding the cashback percentage to your account.

  • Once we receive the payment confirmation from the store through which the purchase was made, an email will be sent to you stating that the cashback amount has been confirmed and is now available for transfer and withdrawal.

  • The cashback amount gets confirmed after a grace period of 30 - 90 days (30 days for possible replacements and returns, from 15 to 60 days for the store to confirm the orders).

  • There is no maximum or minimum cashback limit, you can shop as you like and get your cashback every time.

    1. Register for free on or download the official Yajny app for free from Google Play or Apple Store.
    2. Choose your favorite store from our most popular stores and brands.
    3. Click on “Shop Now” to be directed to the official store website that you chose through Yajny to start your shopping tour and complete your purchase.
    4. Your shopping cart must be empty before shopping in order to get your cashback and benefit from its value.
    5. Choose the products you want to buy and add them to your shopping cart.
    6. Follow the checkout steps to finalize the payment process.
    7. Yajny will track your purchase through the link used to direct you to the store until the payment is confirmed by the store.
    8. Upon confirmation of the purchase, the cashback amount will be added to your account as "pending" and will be "confirmed" once the store confirms your order. (Noting that the cashback percentage differs from one store to another).
    1. Go to or download our official app from Google Play or the Apple Store.
    2. Register an account using Facebook, Gmail, or any other email you have.
    3. You will receive a confirmation message on your email. Click on the link in the email to authenticate your account.
    4. Add your phone number to receive a text message containing your verification code.
    5. You are now ready! Sign in to Yajny again and start shopping.
    1. Make sure your cart is empty before shopping.
    2. Make sure that you are not using a coupon or a discount code with the cashback offer at the same time.
    3. Make sure you are using the Cashback offer through Yajny and not using it from the website you are shopping from.
    4. Make sure not to use the installment service on the site.
    5. Make sure that you are shopping through Yajny from your favorite store and not through the mobile application of the store itself.
  • In order to transfer and receive your money, you have to wait for the consumer protection time period to pass (30 days), which allows you to cancel or replace your order. Then, your order enters another stage where the store you shopped from confirms the order (up to 60 days). After that period, your cashback amount will be transferred and its status will be changed from "pending" to "confirmed" and becomes available for withdrawal.

  • 1- Go to "My Account" and click on the “Withdrawal Balance”.

    2- You will find the confirmed balance that you can withdraw.

    3- Choose between the available withdrawal methods:

    • Bank transfer.
    • Aman service for electronic payment.
    • E-wallets (Vodafone Cash, Orange Cash, Etisalat Cash, and bank wallets) in case their services are available in your country.
  • Currently, there is no option to buy from using the cashback amount in your wallet on Yajny.

  • The minimum amount for withdrawal is 250 EGP to transfer the amount to e-wallets (Vodafone Cash - Etisalat Cash - Orange Cash), 500 EGP for a bank transfer and $25 for CashU.

  • The cashback amount in your account does not expire, and it is available for life.

  • Our welcome bonus is 4$ and its equivalent in your country. This money will be added to your account automatically when you first register with Yajny. You can withdraw that amount when you use Yajny to shop with at least 100$ from the online stores that have the cashback deals.

  • Once you register on our website or app, you will receive a welcome bonus, which you can get by following the steps below:

    1. Log in to your account by clicking on "My Account".
    2. You will find the welcome bonus added to the balance.

    Also, once your account is created, you will receive a welcome bonus email.

  • An individual is only eligible for one sign-up bonus worth. New users will automatically receive it when registering and they can withdraw it only when they make a purchase with a cashback transaction totaling at least $25. The bonus amount is $3.2 for all users.
    Any new users who registered between 1 and 30 January 2022 can withdraw their $8 welcome bonus when they make purchases of $60 or more through Yajny website or application.
    Any new user who registered between 8 August 2021 and 8 September 2021 can withdraw their $6.2 welcome bonus when they make purchases of $102 or more through Yajny website or application.
    Any new user who registered between 1 November 2021 and 30 January 2022 can withdraw their $8 welcome bonus when they make purchases of $60 or more through Yajny website or application.
    Any new user who registered from 01 February 2022 can withdraw their $4 welcome bonus when they make purchases of $100 or more through Yajny website or application.
  • Every time you send an invitation link to your friends to join Yajny and if anyone of them registered on Yajny platform through that link, you will receive a $ 2.5 or 40 EGP (or their equivalent in your country) as a referral bonus for your recommendation. But, in order to be able to take advantage of this amount, your friend needs to make at least one confirmed cashback purchase. But, in order to be able to take advantage of this amount, your friends need to make at least one confirmed purchase through Yajny.

  • In order to take advantage of and withdraw your referral bonus, tell your friend to make at least one confirmed purchase from our available stores with cashback deals and offers.

  • Kindly send us the following details so we can assist you and verify your request.

    • Order ID
    • The date when you made the purchase
    • Your registered email on Yajny
    • The order invoice

    Please send the mentioned data to “”

  • Please note that your refund / cashback will be confirmed within a period of 45 days up to 90 days. It is a grace period that varies according to the store with a maximum of 90 days. (30 days for exchange and returns + from 15 to 60 days for order reviewing by the online store).

  • Please send your email to verify your payment request and we will get back to you through the email.

  • Yes it is! You don’t have to pay anything to benefit from our cashback deals. All you need to do is register or sign up, also for free, to be able to explore all the deals and shop. No hidden costs are found and Yajny does not charge you for anything.

  • Yes, they are! This is the biggest surprise, you can enjoy getting back a percentage of the money you spent plus the original discount available in the store. Enjoy endless discounts and cashback offers with Yajny.

  • Yes, they are! Discount codes can be applied in addition to the original discount or offer available in the store. Enjoy doubling your discounts with Yajny.

  • Unfortunately, no you can’t use both services together for the same purchase, either you pick a cashback offer or a discount code to use from Yajny for every order.

  • Any bulk orders or orders for the same item repeatedly will be considered as merchant orders and will be rejected and denied the cashback.

    Creating several accounts for the same person will disqualify the cashback and deny its payment.

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