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How can I get the cashback?

With Yajny, you have the easiest way to save money, the more you shop the more money you get back! Select your store, click on “Shop Now”, but you have to register first in order to be able to shop and get your cashback. Once you register, you can choose any store and when you click on “Shop Now” you will be redirected to the store and start shopping whatever you want, but first, make sure that the cart is empty. After choosing all you needed products, proceed to checkout normally and you will get your cashback according to the percentage mentioned in the store page on Yajny. You will be able to transfer your cashback to your personal bank account or PayPal account and then withdraw it in cash.

Another way of saving is here for you, Yajny presents a coupon discount service which gives you the option to get a discount on the total of your purchases. Choose your store, click on “Shop” and copy the coupon code, you will be redirected to the store page, shop all the products that you want and at the checkout step just paste the coupon code. Congratulations you got the discount!

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