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Buying from Ounass 's application will stop you from getting cashback, Please make sure you buy from the website.
Using any coupons will stop you from receiving cashback.


  • Up to 80% Off men's fashion from Ounass UAE

    Up to 7.5%

  • Enjoy 80% off on women's fashion and bags from Ounass UAE

    Up to 7.5%



Ounass Online Shopping website offers a delicately selected bouquet of exclusive fashion collections designed locally and internationally by leading designers along with the design production of high-end fashion designers in the Middle East. From clothing and cosmetics to home life and decor, Ounass store website has been displaying designs for more than 300 original brands since its inception in December 2016 as the first online website to sell luxury products online from the Al Tayer Group.

Enjoy exclusive regular and seasonal offers from Ounass such as Ounass discount code for easier shopping, Ounass coupon to reduce prices on its luxury and somewhat pricey products. You can also enjoy Ounass Cashback and get some balance back in your account's wallet to shop with it later.

Thanks to Ounass's regular and seasonal offers and promotions, luxury high-end fashion has now become accessible to us all. And with the help of Ounass cashback deals, you can actually make money back on every purchase you make from, all through 

Ounass Coupon Code

Ounass coupon codes let you get an extra discount on all your purchases, combines with discounts the store offers, as well as the cashback deal available through Yajny, this would result in a more affordable shopping than you could ever dream. 

More About Ounass

Ounass exclusively runs its business in the Middle East. It offers a wide bouquet of luxurious design lines and the most prevalent fashion trends through its website and smartphone application, as well as its personal shopping service, all to provide its customer with the easiest and most secure shopping experience. With Ounass discount offers that include Ounass discount code for a cheaper shopping experience, Ounass coupon, and Ounass cashback, Ounass enables its consumer to purchase all the luxury products they aspire to with cheaper products.

With its launch from Dubai, the new capital of elegance, Ounass website offers a delivery service within Dubai within two hours and a delivery service on the same day for the remaining Emirates, in addition to express service to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar. The brand is always taking steps towards sustaining the luxury and authenticity of its products all while making sure it's accessible to all. 

Ounass is proud to be a place of the best fashion experts. It has a team of experts in the fashion world, whether in the east or the west, always exploring and discovering the hottest and newest in the field. This prestigious team of design experts regularly delivers reports on the latest fashion lines, and provides the latest trends and exclusive offers to always provide Ounass's customer with the best shopping options available worldwide.

Ounass is one of the biggest fashion and retail websites in the world, especially the middle east. It is also one of the leading pioneers in the world of fashion providing the latest and hottest fashion trends for both men and women all in one store. Thanks to Ounass’s flexible and easy-to-use website, you get to shop and buy what you need from Ounass’s quality products from the comfort of your home by just a few clicks, and have your order shipped right to your doorstep.

Other than being saved the hassle, exhaustion, and wasted time of shopping in stores, shopping on Ounass’s website gives you several extra perks, most of which is the cashback service that gives you back a sum of the money spent while shopping and place it in your account’s wallet for future purchases. That is in addition to the Ounass coupon discount code which grants you a tempting price reduction on Ounass’s quality products. 

Yajny & Ounass Partnership

The partnership between Yajny and Ounass has one goal and that is to provide you, the customer, with easiest, most efficient, and cost-effective shopping experience possible. Which exactly why it offers you promotions such as Ounass coupon code in addition to Ounass cashback. Yajny's aim is to make your shopping experience more comfortable and affordable. You don't have to wait for the sale season anymore. 

Enjoy exclusive regular and seasonal offers from Ounass plus Yajny's offers. Get Ounass Coupon code and Cashback and save more than 3.33%. Shop now!

Ounass cashback is an exclusive service provided to you through, it gives you back a part of the money you spent while shopping on Ounass’s website. Cashback is one of the exclusive benefits provided to users through e-commerce websites to enjoy the most flexible and affordable shopping experience possible. Another example of those benefits is the coupon discount system which gives you a surprising price reduction. 

Steps of using Ounass cashback: 

  1. Open Yajny website, and then you will be asked to log in using your Facebook account, Gmail account, or email account.
  2. After you sign into Yajny for the first time, Yajny will automatically add a welcome bonus in your account’s wallet.
  3. You can now go to Ounass store page on Yajny’s website to find your promotions, just make sure to choose the language of your preference for smoother browsing. 
  4. On Yajny’s page for Ounass, you will find the available Ounass cashback categories and percentage.
  5. Choose a category, then click on the “shop now” button and you will be automatically transferred through Yajny to Ounass's online store.
  6. Once you are transferred to through Yajny, you have to make sure that your shopping cart is empty to ensure that your cashback percentage is calculated accurately.
  7. Pick out the items you would like to purchase, add them to your Ounass shopping cart, and when you are done, proceed to checkout.
  8. The cashback percentage you have been promised will be added to your Yajny account when Ounass confirms that your store has been delivered and not refunded or exchanged. 
  9. You will be able to withdraw your earned cashback money using one of the numerous methods listed in the terms & conditions page on Yajny.

How to use Ounass Coupon:

Thanks to Ounass's discount coupon system, you can enjoy an extra discount on all the products available on Ounass’s website even the ones with an original discount in the Ounass store, and that is exclusively through Yajny’s website. Therefore, you can enjoy the cashback service and coupon code system both at the same time and only with 

Steps of using Ounass coupon: 

  1. Go to and search for Ounass store page.
  2. Find Ounass coupon code, and click on it to copy the code.
  3. Choose the category of cashback percentage and products you prefer (so that you can enjoy both the cashback and coupon discount), then press on the “shop now” button.
  4. At that point, Yajny will automatically transfer you to the Ounass website.
  5. After having been transferred, you can shop as you please for Ounass’s quality products.
  6. After adding the products you want to purchase to your shopping cart, paste the coupon text you got from Yajny in its specified slot, then press “apply discount”.
  7. Having followed the previous steps, you are guaranteed to get the promised discount on the total of your purchases. 

Don’t forget to check the rest of the stores available on Yajny’s website and get the highest cashback percentage possible, in addition to the exclusive discount coupons, all for one goal which is providing all Yajny users with the best and most cost-effective shopping trip possible. 

It is no surprise that e-commerce sites care now more about providing the consumer with extra perks for shopping on their sites like free shipping; like flexible return and exchange policies, getting extra discounts, and getting cashback money from the money you spend online, all to encourage the consumer to shop online more. 

And what makes Yajny extra special is the partnership we have with the best online stores around the world, which allows Yajny to exclusively offer its consumer with the best discount coupons and cashback percentages possible. 

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