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Airbnb has became one of the important marks in the world of travel and trips, as well as a solution that you can rely on in renting housing, as the company worked to provide the most abundant solutions for housing and hospitality with more than 800 thousand ads distributed in 33 thousand cities in 192 countries around the world.

With many services and great ease to benefit from them, the service gained the trust of millions of users in a short time.

To get a better experience, you can benefit from greater savings when you book through Yajny that provides you with a cashback service for all bookings from Airbnb, which you can use later after withdrawing this money.

Yajny aims to make your booking process easier, more affordable and unique, thus it offers you one of the best services which the cashback deals when you book on Airbnb through its platform. You get part of your money spent on the booking process back to you.

Airbnb also has a wide crew of customer care agents who are operational within the international community of the company. They work around the clock, 7 days a week with 11 different languages to be able to facilitate all of the customer's interactions with Airbnb. The services provided through said customer care team includes technical solutions, answering questions and queries, payment arrangements, financial dues, host guarantees, housing insurance programs, and the residential experiment itself.  

More about Airbnb

Airbnnb does everything it can to help make shared living arrangements as flexible, fun, and safe as it possibly can. The website thoroughly checks the personal profiles of its users and provides them with the smart messaging service which allows hosts and guests to communicate freely, easily, and more efficiently. That is in addition to its trusted and organized management system for collecting and transferring the financial dues. To make your interaction with Airbnb all the more efficient and cost-effective, offers you the Airbnb cashback service. Discover the best Airbnb cashback deals with Yajny and get 48$ . This deal is available on all the bookings. Book now! 

Why become a host on Airbnb?

After listing your hosted space, whether a room or a house, Airbnb focuses all of its efforts onto making your hosting experience extremely simple, yet extremely safe. You have complete freedom and control over when to host, how to interact with your guests,  your housing rules, and the price. 

Host protection on Airbnb: 

In order to guarantee your personal protection and the protection of your guest, house, and properties, the company covers the single reservation with a 1 million dollars insurance against any property damage, and another 1 million dollar insurance against accidents of all types. 

Checking the guests information:

At Airbnb, we demand very specific information of each guest before any reservation takes place. Said information includes their phone number, and their operational email account. And to ensure safety, the host can check the guests' reviews and recommendations from other hosts regarding the mannerism and behavior during the entire hosting experience. You can even check the guest's ID to do your own fact check and guarantee the validity of the guest information provided to you through Airbnb. 

Yajny & Airbnb partnership 

The partnership between Yajny and Airbnb aims to make travelling the world and finding the perfect housing option anywhere in the world as easy as it can possibly be through their unprecedented offers and discounts such as the Airbnb cashback service which gives the user some of the money they spent back after making a reservation on Airbnb through

1. Sign in to Yajny using your personal email, Facebook or Gmail account. 

2. After logging in for the first time, Yajny will automatically add a welcome bonus to your account. 

3. You can find Airbnb store page on the "All stores" section of the website, or through Yajny search bar. 

4. On Airbnb store page, you will find categories of cashback divided based on their percentage and validity. After choosing a category, click on "shop now" and you will be automatically transferred to the Airbnb official website through a tracking page. 

5. Make sure you stay on the page you have been transferred to so that the tracking page can track your purchases and calculate your cashback percentage. 

6. Book as usual on Airbnb without worrying about your privacy, all you have to do is to be sure that you don't have any bookings on hold, and then start booking. Yajny doesn't collect any personal information, it only tracks your purchases so that it can calculate your cashback percentage and add the money to your Yajny account. 

7. Now proceed to checkout as usual and your deserved cashback percentage will be added to your account once the store confirm the booking. You will be able then to withdraw your money in cash through Yajny's different cash-out methods. 

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